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As a youth I watched the movie series,The Gremlins. In it are these ghastly small creatures with long nails, ugly faces,and annoying giggles. They always traveled in packs. The scariest part is how they multiplied when they became wet.

Since that movie, I’ve created my own image of gremlins.They’re still annoying and invasive things that come out of nowhere to become intrusive just like negative thoughts and overthinking. 


I’ve learned to use this image as a tool to help me become aware whenever I sense my thoughts taking over my logical mind.  Just like gremlins with water, negative thoughts multiple when fed energy, such as when you pay attention to them and convince yourself it’s true or it exists.

These negative thoughts have the power to stop you as you move towards your goals. They sabotage your progress and then self defeat comes into play when you blame yourself for allowing those thoughts to 

run rampid like the gremlins do in the movie.


It’s a vicious cycle. 

Gremlins, or negative thoughts and overthinking will only multiple if you allow them to. One of my favorite ways to squash these gremlins and the circle of destruction is through mindfulness.

Let’s define first what negative thoughts and overthinking are so we’re on the same page. 

Negative Thoughts:

constant thoughts that focus on criticism, belittling, judgement, and denial usually towards oneself.


Analyzing every word and movement,focusing more on the past and how you’ve been hurt in some capacity.

Now, let’s discuss how these gremlins can take away your energy.

Waste Valuable Time. 

You’re constantly thinking about situations or people you can’t change and feeling frustrated or angry. 

Leads to irrational thoughts.

Honestly, I believe everyone has the capability to create the most amazing fictional stories with our thoughts alone. I’ve found myself considering scenarios that aren’t completely realistic or rational. 

Does this sound familiar to you? 
If so, here are my 6 tips to win back your mind below.

6 Tips to be more mindful and taking your power back from the gremlins

1. Awareness:

When you find yourself thinking about something negative, in which you feel yourself becoming emotional such as sad, angry, frustrated, or annoyed; ask yourself is this helping or hurting.

2. Question Yourself:

If you’re worried about what you should do,then ask yourself do you really want to do it. Think in the moment.Where are you, what are you doing, who are you with? Is this what you want to be doing?

3. Kill the Gremlins:

Imagine each negative thought as a gremlin and it’s up to you to save the world (and your mind) by squashing them.

4.  Appreciation:

Be grateful and content wherever you are at that moment instead of focusing on frustration or worry or overwhelm.

5. Positivity:

Focus on the good things happening. You’re breathing, you’re head is attached, you can think clearly,

the weather, etc.

6. Tribe:

Look around you, are the people you surround yourself with at home or work focused on negative or positive thoughts. People influence each other, even feed energy into or take it away.

Paty Mariposa, empowers heart-centered individuals to release stress naturally. She's on a mission to help people balance life towards health and happiness through self-love and living their purpose. She's an international speaker and offers self-care workshops in English and Spanish. With Master degrees in Social Work and Public Health, plus numerous certifications such as Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Journey Dance Facilitator, Holistic Health Coach, and Color Therapist she offers a variety of complementary and alternative healing tools to support people along their healing journey.

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