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April 1, 2021

In a Sustainable World

Words / Gelsandra Guszman | IG @gellsandra_guzman
Photography / Sergey Yusin | IG @sergey_yusin
MUA Julia Brigma | IG @juliabrigma
Stylist Kasia Johnson| IG @styledbykasia

The Broward County art world has always been overshadowed by its glitzier sisters in Miami and Palm Beach. Where is Broward’s Art Basel? Its Wynwood district, its Norton Museum of Art? You can find cool pockets here and there, like Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale and a few street corners in Hollywood, but as South Florida’s geographic middle child, Broward has always had to fight a little harder to get noticed.


Gabriella Katia is elevating the voices of brands with creative

powerhouse Katia Productions.


Sitting in this beautiful modern meets vintage setting with Gabriella Katia, laughing and chatting about her life as a monkey mum and just how aspirational and self motivated we must all be to reach those dreams, to be intentional with every moment while staying aligned

with our purpose.


Gabriella Katia is an honorable soul, everything she does, she does with passion and persistence, she is clear on her vision and determined to build her empire.


Aside from her natural beauty, I must admit her eyes were captivating, she shares with us how she is taking action in caring for the world we live in. Living in Miami we obsess over sunsets and sunrises by the beach, swimming in the warm blue waters, honoring the beautiful nature we have at our doorstep, a city so full of life and culture, if we could hold ourselves accountable of taking 2-3 steps towards practicing a more sustainable lifestyle, we become aware and environmentally responsible while our world could breathe better.


Meet our pilates lover...

Gabriella Katia- How are you living this historic moment in our world? Well I think everyone is definitely going through something in their own way during this time. For me it was taking full advantage of all this free time to start creating. In the beginning of the pandemic about a year ago, I started making funny instagram and YouTube videos just so I could bring some light into such a dark time, and honestly just to make people laugh and smile. It can be very easy to get depressed during a lockdown, so I wanted to just bring some joy and light hearted messages to my followers and community. Also, during these times I have made sure to get out into nature andexercise to rid that feeling of being cooped up. Another way I stayed connected was talking to my friends and family via FaceTime and virtual happy hours. In the end, we should choose to make the best of any situation and stay positive.


You are stuck in an elevator with someone and you have 1 minute to sum up who Gabriella Katia is- GO! Hi I’m Gabriella Katia. I live in Miami as a part time model and full time monkey mom to my insta famous finger monkeys Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong along with my 3lb chihuahua Kirby. I guess you can say all my animals are miniature. I also just launched my campaign production company called “Katia Productions”. I’ve always had a passion for production and have learned a lot throughout my ten plus years of modeling. I put an extreme amount of thought and care into everything I do. I enjoy staying healthy and exercising daily. Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking, wake surfing, and biking. I believe you get back from the world what you put into it and kindness is the ultimate gift anyone can give. I enjoy my coffee in the morning and my red wine at night. That’s me in a nutshell.

What is your lifelong mission? When you wake up in the morning, do you ask yourself how am I to serve my community today?

Absolutely I do. I feel like I was put on this earth to make people happy and help people in any way that I can. Whether it's helping a friend through a hard time, giving back to the community through charity work, or making someone’s vision come to life through production. A simple thank you, gratifies my day.



You have been modeling for many years, what inspired you or motivated you to start in such a competitive industry? Yes, I have been modeling for over 10 years. I feel modeling has brought me to where I am today for a reason. I've learned so much throughout my career and have met some of my best friends. I am truly eternally grateful. Passion is what drove me to start modeling. I didn’t think on the negative side when it came to something I wanted. I never questioned “What if I fail?” I always thought about how great I would feel when I succeeded.

When did you realize you could live a fulfilled life from this career? I shot with Joey Wright when I was 17 years old, it was when I technically launched my career. I shot with him and submitted to Wilhelmina Models and was accepted. At this point, I was in college and it was a struggle to make it to castings which all involved travel, until I moved to Miami


when I was 19. At this point I could sustain myself from my current contracts and kept myself motivated as I continued to grow.


In the early stages of your modeling journey, how did you manage criticism? Or how did you manage to set yourself apart? I simply stayed positive and kept true to myself. I really just felt bad for the people who would say nasty things and judge me because I knew things were only being said because I was making an impact in some type of way, and I always thought that was powerful. So I took anything negative that anyone would say as “I must be doing something right if they are taking all this time to talk about me”. I'm a stronger person today because I’ve dealt with rejection and judgement, and let me tell you nothing will make you stronger than that. In this business you must build a tough backbone, and you don’t have much room

for sensitivity.

You recently launched Katia Productions. What does this mean to you? How does this play a role in your lifelong mission? Yes, I did and I feel extremely wholesome. I've never actually felt this way in my entire life. I feel I can live my life now with no regrets and build something I am proud of. Everything I’ve learned in my career has allowed me to now build Katia Productions. Katia Productions is a campaign production company. We simplify the campaign process by being the only person that you communicate with. We put together your Miami Dream team for your brand. We scout the models, we hand select the photographer, we choose the perfect hair and makeup team, scout locations and are with you every step of the way. I’ve seen unhappy designers when their vision is compromised during a campaign and I believe that's when there are “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Katia productions plays a massive role in my lifelong mission because I get to help bring someone’s vision to life on a personal level. I truly care about my clients and take my time making sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly.


There’s nothing more satisfying to me than being able to offer that service to someone.


Share a day in the life of “monkey mum to @realdiddyking”? Our readers are eager to know.

Being a full time monkey mom to Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong is extremely entertaining. A typical day with them starts with breakfast! Sleeping in doesn't exist when these babies are hungry. As soon as that sun comes up they are calling for me. I meal prep for them every few days so they have super fresh organic meals daily. Then we spend the day outdoors! They love to climb up in the trees around our house. We really try spending the most time we can with them outside but when they are ready to come in they enjoy playing with their toys and hanging in their hammocks indoors. The day ends with a warm bubble bath and some formula. As soon as the sun goes down they are ready for bed! They love to sleep up high in their hanging beds bc in the wild their predators are on the ground.


This month’s theme is sustainability- What does this mean to you Gabriella? Sustainability is a way of life for me. I know that what we do today will affect future generations which makes it very important to me. Being able to enjoy a beautiful sunset or swim in the ocean are simple daily reminders for me that we have to live so that what we consume doesn’t exceed what we contribute.


How do you practice sustainability in your lifestyle?

I practice sustainability in many different ways, one with transportation. I chose to walk or ride a bike when I can, and if I have to drive I drive a fully electric car. Second, I chose Organic food that is grown without pesticides and fertilizers which damage the environment, and food that isn’t cruel or inhumane to animals. Lastly, of course Reuse and Recycle. We can all easily do our part in protecting our planet with daily lifestyle habits.

After living through a global pandemic, social injustices and all the craziness in today's world, do you believe our consumer is shifting to a more eco-conscious mentality? Well Yes, definitely. For example, all the car manufacturers are now rolling out with electric cars. I feel people are really starting to see the effects of global warming more than ever before and I think in general people's mind sets are shifting to protect our planet.


For the day to day individual what tips would you give in helping our world become a better place? With the fast advances in our world today with technology, as great as they are, be sure to unplug and connect personally. Be kind. Kindness is powerful. Live with intention. Intension in your work, your lifestyle habits and your personal life.


And for all the younger girls out there who will be the next leaders in our world, what is one tip you would leave to keep the motivation ignited? Set small realistic goals that lead up to your main mission, and believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you believe it, others will too. Just remember dreams will remain dreams unless you take the measures to make them reality.


What is your go to affirmation?

YES. Yes you CAN do it and Yes you WILL succeed.


Before we end- What is one thing you can’t live without? My favorite everyday lipstick: Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury (Nude)



So refreshing to share this space with you today, to share with our Miami Vibes Family and community just how much our world is evolving, as we start the healing process post 2020 and realize how important it is to be intentional and live in the present moment. How to care for our world, because tomorrow is not promised. We are craving human connection, ease, mindfulness and awakening. Today was all that and more, thank you for being you, for showing up and spreading your kindness with such grace. We appreciate you. We value you. And we see you. Keep going queen!

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