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April 1, 2021

In a Sustainable World

Words / Gelsandra Guszman | IG @gellsandra_guzman
Photography / Sergey Yusin | IG @sergey_yusin
MUA Julia Brigma | IG @juliabrigma
Stylist Kasia Johnson| IG @styledbykasia

The Broward County art world has always been overshadowed by its glitzier sisters in Miami and Palm Beach. Where is Broward’s Art Basel? Its Wynwood district, its Norton Museum of Art? You can find cool pockets here and there, like Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale and a few street corners in Hollywood, but as South Florida’s geographic middle child, Broward has always had to fight a little harder to get noticed.


Gabriella Katia is elevating the voices of brands with creative

powerhouse Katia Productions.


Sitting in this beautiful modern meets vintage setting with Gabriella Katia, laughing and chatting about her life as a monkey mum and just how aspirational and self motivated we must all be to reach those dreams, to be intentional with every moment while staying aligned

with our purpose.


Gabriella Katia is an honorable soul, everything she does, she does with passion and persistence, she is clear on her vision and determined to build her empire.


Aside from her natural beauty, I must admit her eyes were captivating, she shares with us how she is taking action in caring for the world we live in. Living in Miami we obsess over sunsets and sunrises by the beach, swimming in the warm blue waters, honoring the beautiful nature we have at our doorstep, a city so full of life and culture, if we could hold ourselves accountable of taking 2-3 steps towards practicing a more sustainable lifestyle, we become aware and environmentally responsible while our world could breathe better.


Meet our pilates lover...

Gabriella Katia- How are you living this historic moment in our world? Well I think everyone is definitely going through something in their own way during this time. For me it was taking full advantage of all this free time to start creating. In the beginning of the pandemic about a year ago, I started making funny instagram and YouTube videos just so I could bring some light into such a dark time, and honestly just to make people laugh and smile. It can be very easy to get depressed during a lockdown, so I wanted to just bring some joy and light hearted messages to my followers and community. Also, during these times I have made sure to get out into nature andexercise to rid that feeling of being cooped up. Another way I stayed connected was talking to my friends and family via FaceTime and virtual happy hours. In the end, we should choose to make the best of any situation and stay positive.


You are stuck in an elevator with someone and you have 1 minute to sum up who Gabriella Katia is- GO! Hi I’m Gabriella Katia. I live in Miami as a part time model and full time monkey mom to my insta famous finger monkeys Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong along with my 3lb chihuahua Kirby. I guess you can say all my animals are miniature. I also just launched my campaign production company called “Katia Productions”. I’ve always had a passion for production and have learned a lot throughout my ten plus years of modeling. I put an extreme amount of thought and care into everything I do. I enjoy staying healthy and exercising daily. Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking, wake surfing, and biking. I believe you get back from the world what you put into it and kindness is the ultimate gift anyone can give. I enjoy my coffee