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Posted on December 30, 2018

Hello Winter

Words / Glam by Kenya


Us Floridians are blessed enough to live in the Sunshine State, specifically the sunny city of Miami. Sure the humidity weighs down our hair and freezes up our curls, but as an upside, keeps our skin hydrated and moist. Come winter, our skin tend to sing a different kind of tune. The dry air causes the skin and any products applied on its surface to flake up and look dry. Our skin become more easily irritated, and no amount of moisturizer seem to really penetrate deep enough to properly hydrate it. I have worked tirelessly to educate myself and learn about some key products I believe that every women should introduce to their skin and include in their skincare regimen this winter season.

                           First, “Open up those pores”

Those are the exact words you do not want to hear in the warmer seasons, when your skin is glowing under the sun and you can’t seem to  keep your oils under control. 

The total opposite occurs in the winter. Your skin is tighter around that time, and though your pores might shrink a little, not being able to get any type of moisturizer pass your epidermis is not worth the trouble. So yes, open up 
those pores.


A skin and hair steamer is my secret weapon in the winter time. Though i usually put my natural curly hair in hibernation by wearing extensions and wigs around that time, it is crucial for my skin to get all the necessary nutrients in order to keep flourishing and glowing all winter long. 


Dr Dennis Gross Pro Facial steamer $149.

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