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 words / Jon Hipp   |   Posted on February 27, 2018  |     |    health & fitness

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Health is a battlefield. Even when you want to be well, it’s hard to know where to start when there’s so much conflicting advice out there. Wellness is a journey, not a destination; a lifestyle and not an event. Availability of healthy food, lack of awareness of what is good for you, limited time to prepare or become informed, the false belief that healthy eating is not delicious, and the convenience factor can all seem like barriers along your path of wellness. Fortunately, if you live in South Florida, there are a number of companies making it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hungry Harvest is an incredible business that’s making it easier, philanthropic and fun to eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re a fresh produce delivery service that has saved over 10 million pounds of quality produce from being discarded and provided over 850,000 pounds of produce to people in need. This, since its founding in 2014 after CEO Evan Lutz discovered that in the US, 40% of food goes to waste and 1 in 5 people go hungry. Even better, they’re cheaper than shopping for the same fruits and veggies at the store and now… they deliver EGGS! Get your first box packed and delivered here:

The Wholly Kitchen If cooking is not your jam, The Wholly Kitchen is my favorite meal delivery service in the South Florida area. Master Chefs Andrea and Loïc bring a wealth of experience from top-level restaurants across the world and founded Wholly in 2013; t they’re gluten and dairy-free and use only premium coconut, olive, or grapeseed oils in their creations. Creativity and quality go hand-in-hand at Wholly and they offer Traditional, Vegan and Paleo menu options, up to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, Monday-Friday. Try them out and use code WHOLLYHIPP for 10% off your first week: 

ButcherBox Although I advocate for a largely plant-based diet and readily align with the intentionality and care for eating expressed by vegans, I support eating meat from animals that have been raised in a sustainable and humane way. In the case of meat, however, organic, free-range, grass-fed is a necessity and ButcherBox is the way to go. They deliver meat that meets all those pre-reqs and more. Shop here: 

Ample If you’re a frequent traveler or cover a lot of miles in your car, having an Ample meal shake on hand is a necessity. Ample is the gold standard when it comes to organic, high-quality meal replacement shakes. Drinking one is extremely convenient, since each shake comes in its own pre-set shaker bottle. While I would like to see them replace their plastic bottles with paper sachet packets and AMPLE-branded stainless steel shaker cups, they are getting so many other things right and I’m sure this change won’t be a long time in coming. Order up the AMPLE (Original-whey), AMPLE V (Vegan) or AMPLE K (Ketogenic): 

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