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From the Island to the Sunny 305: Haitian beauty products in Miami

Haitian beauty products in Miami, Miami Vibes Magazine

In recent years, Haitian brands have made a mark on the beauty industry. These beauty brands aim to introduce premium Haitian beauty products to the American market and offer a wide range of beauty, body, and health care products keeping in mind wellness first strategy. Their products are "natural with purpose," not only luxurious, organic, and therapeutic. You invest in yourself and help the people of Haiti, who have been severely affected by the earthquake when you buy Haitian products

Kreyol Essence

Kreyol Essence is the first Haitian Beauty Products company to launch at Whole Foods and the first Haitian company that brought its products to mainstream markets in the USA and Canada. Kreyol Essence is a favourite among many, which specializes in Haitian products of natural and ethical beauty. Kreyol Essence works to alleviate poverty, increase jobs, improve human health, and reduce deforestation, with its 90 per cent female employees and 98 per cent exported. Their products are listed below.


Haitian Black Castor Oil

Considered to be the Liquid Gold of the Caribbean, 100% pure Haitian Black Castor Oil promotes thick, shiny and long hair. Intense hydrating oil is loaded with omega fatty acids (3.6.9) and Vitamin E and helps regenerate and thicken eyebrows and eyelashes as muscle distress soothing, and natural stretch marks degradation. It promotes hair growth, thickens eyebrows and eyelashes, seals moisture to eliminate dry hair and prevent hair loss, moisturizes the skin.

Haitian Moringa Oil

Moringa oil can be used in various beauty products. Facial cleanser, nourishing face and hair oil, mist + glow toner, mask + drink + glow superfood pineapple rhum punch, and ingest and glow wellness seeds. The harvested plants and tree barks possess some healing properties that help even out dark spots, eliminate blemishes, fight eczema and razor bumps. Haitian Moringa Oil is filled with protective antioxidants and nutrients to help combat free radical damage that can lead to wrinkles.


Haitian Hand & Body Cream

It is softening and ultra-rich crème infused with Haitian Black. Castor oil, guava and Haitian coffee, and essential oils. This is a creamy, non-greasy and luxurious body cream that penetrates and hydrates the body the whole day. It is made from 100% natural, drinking ingredients for thirsty skin; the Haitian Black Castor Oil, guava, baobab extract and aloe leaf juices.


Lavender Hibiscus Soap Bar

100% Natural Lavender Hibiscus - Haitian Handcrafted Soap Bar. It is processed with an 85% organic soap base recipe for a high-quality lather and skin feel. They have perfumed this bar with many pure essential oils of lavender and lavender, natural relaxants that contribute to an overall relaxing experience. All at once, it's earthy and floral. Dry skin soap is the most popular. Comfrey root is a skin cell regenerator known for its therapeutic properties on the skin.



Donata also sells Haitian beauty products online. Their featured Haitian beauty products include  Natural Vegan Hair and Skinfood helping customers transform internally and externally


Haitian Hair Oil

Essential to nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. It can be used as hot oil treatment, pre-poo to protect your hair before going through the wash, condition and comb through a phase, also as a sealant.


Herbal Hair Mist

Formulated with botanical water, essential oils, and minerals to give your scalp and hair just the hydration it needs before moisturizing your scalp or hair with our Haitian Hair Butter or Haitian Hair Oil.

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