Posted on August 27, 2018


Night Out 

With Elvi

Words /  Elvi Villalobos           

Most artists start their creative efforts on a piece of paper, canvas board, or their hometown city walls. For me, it was a face, the part of our self that can smile, laugh, cry, and share stories. That’s been my canvas for the past eleven years. Nine years ago, I decided to make it my profession. This dedication has let me play a role in significant events for countless individuals, whether they are on their way to a special night out, celebrating the day they were given life, or walking down the aisle on their big day.  Through these experiences, I've mastered coveted tips, tricks, and techniques that I'm able to pass down and teach in my makeup classes.

Incomparable to any other girls-night-out, this intimate experience starts off with yummy drinks, savory tapas, and the most delicious sweet treats brought to you by the infamous Nani (@sweetcravingsbynani). At this time, all participants engage in some girl talk, so that everyone, along with myself, gets the chance to introduce themselves personally. Soon after, my signature teachings begin. All participants will get a step-by-step program that corresponds to the makeup look aimed to achieve, and an opportunity to ask me any questions, concerns, or thoughts that come to mind.

These makeup classes have been such a success, as well as a blast for me and everyone involved. It's just another great way to have fun in Miami and an inspiration to share my love of makeup. I can only imagine the next gathering will be one for the books!

Elvi Villalobos @stylemeelvi

Photograph / Danielle Margherite & @sweetcravingsbynani  

Video / @lovesquaredweddings

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