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Posted on December 29, 2018


Words / Andrea Grieco

If you’re ready to adventure your palate and discover sushi with a twist, then roll into Miami’s most unique sushi restaurants. From intricate dishes to Latin-infused sushi rolls, here are some sushi spots you can’t miss:



with locations in Weston and Brickell, Sushiato is bringing some Latin-fusion rolls that will blow away your mind — and taste buds.Get ready to dive into temptation with favorites like their Miami Roll,topped with mango slices or their Tuna Mango Twist, with guava, mango and chorizo cream cheese.


1111 Peruvian Bistro:

located in Brickell, this Peruvian restaurant is bringing their best sushi game by merging Peruvian cuisine and Japanese cuisine into one. Make sure to try their Jalea Maki, a combination of sushi topped with delicious fried seafood.



you’re strolling around Miami Beach make sure to stop by Sukhothai for some non-traditional sushi dishes like Sushi Pizza and even sushi sandwiched between Tostones.


Wherever your palate goes, you can never go wrong with sushi. 

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CAUTION: You will get hungry!!!

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