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The Man Cave

January 1, 2021

Gas cars are about to become obsolete in the popular metropolis city, Miami located at the east coast of United States. It is one of the most alluringly developed cities in the world. It focuses on every aspect which leads to further development. It is switching to smarter and efficient ways to deal its everyday stuff. Miami was classified as Beta + level

global city by GaWC, in 2020.

The prime motive to switch to other safer means instead of gasoline powered vehicles is that it is detrimental to our environment. Emission of greenhouse gases in the air is the absolute cause of air pollution and ozone depletion. The harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other volatile organic compounds are dangerous to people with respiratory disorders. There are some pollutants that have adverse impact on every organ system in our body. Due to this harmful fuel production not only during running but during refining, distribution and to a lesser extent, manufacturing and disposal of vehicle, the use of gas cars needs to be limited gradually in order to save people and atmosphere.

It’s high time the world should take appropriate measures to eliminate the toxic gases and switch to a safer method to protect the environment and make it pollution free. Miami is already practicing shifting to electric cars as it seems to be the best choice in this regard since they limit production of hazardous gases and uses electricity as the driving fuel. Electricity is an effective and efficient means to provide energy to a vehicle to run. Besides making the environment pure to give us a healthy atmosphere to breath and abolish the depletion of ozone layer, electric cars have other multiple advantages too.

Electric vehicles manufactured by Miami like BMW i3 and other are incredibly affordable to run and their maintenance is relatively economical than gas vehicles. Moreover, the energy required by electric cars is obtained by solar cells and solar panels which are renewable. This will eradicate the constant fear of running out of natural resources which are of pivotal value and will limit the use of high power resources like diesel or gasoline. Electric vehicles also have a mechanism that makes it safer for passengers. Its centre of gravity is lowered down to prevent rollover of the car. They also have enhanced techniques of fires and explosions and guarantees utmost safety. Most importantly, they are completely reliable and durable during collisions. These incredible and superb features of electric vehicles increase the interest of people of Miami to purchase them and restrict buying gas cars due to their adverse effects on environment making them obsolete gradually.

Another idea floated in Miami to limit the use of gas cars is flying cars. The grand debut of flying cars is going to take place in paramount complex Miami, Florida. What’s astonishing is that people are so mesmerized and Impressed by the idea that 70 cars have already been booked which shows that Miami is way ahead of the world to eliminate the toxic effects produced by the gasoline and shifting to newer, more innovative and safer means. It’s not far that the gas cars would no longer be on road and we foresee this to happen within a few decades.

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