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Posted on December 26, 2018

Fusion of Cuisine: Soikai

Words / Victoria Ramirez


Miami resembles no other city; its uniqueness has called the attention of individuals from all over the world. Miami is a rapid paced city that has collaborated in the infusion of a universal feel of cultures that have unraveled in sunny South Florida. 

Being a point of diverse cultures, this Latin American predominant city, has led for the city to grow inits gastronomical senses and became a part of the evolution of fusion cuisine. 

Being a Food Blogger for Bite into Miami, has conceded me the chance to work as an inseparable unit with numerous eateries and  grant them a window to exhibit their kitchen specialties and exotic plates. I have had the opportunity to work with many restaurants who are recognized in Miami for their spotlight in Japanese-Peruvian combination cuisine. 

Among the eateries, the restaurant that has exceeded my expectations due to their gastronomical excellence and hospitable environment driven by their team is Sokai.


Inspired by extraordinary distinctive sustenance’s of the world, Sokai opened in 2013 in the city of Doral, Florida. In the course of the last five years, Sokai has opened three new locations in: Brickell, Flagler, and The Falls to give back to the community that has collaborated in their success in Doral. All locations function under the equivalent crafting of original fusions, which allow their customers to select from their most acclaimed seasonal ingredients. However, every location is created with a uniqueness to their menu and atmosphere setting.


The unique style of every location, is what creates appreciation of the client to drive to a particular location. Their latest location, Sokai Brickell, is situated in the core of Brickell and filled with a youthful, electric atmosphere which is created from artistic elements incorporated to every aspect of the restaurant. The restaurant managed by Executive Chef, Angel Mendoza, and the owners have come together to offer the customers an innovative culinary experience. 

With over 17 years of experience in the Japanese Kitchen, Executive Chief, Angel Mendoza, has become a significant part of Sokai. From working in the Doral and Flagler location, Mendoza is now in Brickell to take ownership of the kitchen. During a short interview, he mentioned that what he loved the most about this location was the manner in which the kitchen was open and facing the public which grants a visible client interaction and presents the satisfaction of seeing the customers enjoy his creations. Brickell’s menu focuses on providing a variety of exotic appetizers and signature dishes from the sushi bar.


One of my top choices being the Salmon Tacos, are molded by agyoza skin taco that is joined with guacamole and a layer of salmon chomps with a trace of truffle oil, spicy mayo, tobiko with a Peruvian twist of aji amarillo aioli. 

I generally follow that striking dish with one of their newest signature rolls known as the EBI Tiradito Roll. It is composed of seasoned shrimp tempura, mameroni, with cream cheese, a touch of masago finished with sushi ebi, and topped with bits of scallions, kani sticks, and drizzled in sweet chili and ponzu sauce.Each signature roll collaborates in the creation of a unique taste that enhances the gastronomical palate. Sokai has compounded their menu with distinction and truly engulfs the image of their success as a restaurant.

If you are a sushi lover like me, I invite you to try their menu and take a trip into a Japanese - Peruvian fusion experience.

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