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July 31, 2020

Follow these Miami Foodies on Instagram at Your Own Risk

Andrea @Mixeats

Where are you from?

Born in Miami, raised in Colombia  but my hometown and roots are Venezuelan!


How long have you been in Miami?

I've been in Miami for 14 years already, plus add another 5 years from when I was born. Miami is home.


What made you create @MixEats?

I've been working in social media for as long as I can remember, experiencing different industries, until I started working as a Social  Media Manager for Benihana and fell in love with the Food and Beverage industry. After that, I started an Instagram account with a friend to post about Brunch in Miami, but then transitioned it into what's now MIXEATS. I realized I had plenty of food pictures in my phone and decided to give it a shot. 4 years later, here we are! Creating daily food content and passionate about food photography.


Most enjoyable part about being a foodie?

Eating, duh! Haha, well honestly, capturing content. I fell in love with food photography and have focused strongly on it this past year. I've invested in a better camera and have worked hard on learning how to master food photography.

Are you personally a good cook?

Not really, but my husband is! So let's just say I'm his little helper and I do the dishes.

Are you more into sweets or savory?

Savory for sure! I love french fries and potato chips. BUT I have to say, I can never skip dessert.

The tastiest food you’ve ever eaten was...

A Seafood Ceviche with Tostones I tried in Panama. I've been back to that place 3 times already. I can still taste it.

Favorite place to have breakfast in Miami? 

Home, my hubby makes the best breakfasts, hehe. But if I'd have to pick a place, Brunch at @bullagastrobar is always a fun idea.

What is your greatest inspiration source?

I follow Instagram accounts of fellow bloggers who definitely inspire me with their food photography including: @cheatdayeats @asassyspoon @lifebysydelle and @peggyeats

The golden question: What makes your foodie IG handle unique?

Good question...I'd like to say that my passion for food photography really shines through. I go for bright colors and try to showcase dishes at their best, which translates in mouth-watering photos that my followers

truly enjoy!

Yanni @foodyfetish

image (4).jpg

Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Miami Florida.  My father was born in Greece and my Mom Cuba.

What made you create Foody Fetish? 

I created Foody Fetish because I had always grown up with good food and was always taking photos of my own food. After many friends telling me I should start a food İnstagram I decided to give it a try.  I thought of a name and started posting and experimenting.  Foody Fetish started in June 2015. After 6 month I got 10k followers and saw there was reaction.  So I kept on putting in work and grinding every single day.  I started traveling also and working with not only restaurants but hotels and tourism boards to showcase the food and experiences from different countries.

Most enjoyable meal and where? 

Ceviche 105 because you can go healthy with ceviche or Splurge with Lomo Saltado. Always consistent and casual.


What’s your most guilty pleasure? 

I love sweets of any type but gooey chocolate chip cookies especially.

What is the weirdest thing you haveever eaten? 

Sheep Brain in Morocco. It was interesting texture haha! I had a couple of bites.

What is on your food bucket list? 

I want to go to Thailand and experience all the street foods there and also Vietnam and Japan.  I have never been to Asia so that is up next.

If you had to eat this one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

It would be Sushi - healthy, delicious, clean.

What’s your go to comfort food? 

My go to comfort food is burgers and fries. Can never get tired of that.


Death row meal? 

Pasta, Pizza, steak, fries, chocolate cake, cookies, and ice cream.

The golden question: What makes your foodie IG handle unique? 

I show amazing foods from all over the world and my experiences that I document are very thorough and detailed so you feel like you are watching a story.  Since my background is photography it gives me an advantage because I have the eye for content.

Dana @foodvibesonly


Where are you from? 

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain. What made you settle in Miami? I moved when I was 10 years old due to my father’s job. I am very thankful to have lived here during my childhood. Miami has given me lots of opportunities and it is now my home!


Why did you decide to become a foodie? 

My cousin is a foodie in Madrid (@breakfastalwayswins) and thanks to him I decided to create one in Miami. My husband and I love to eat out and taste new plates from different cultures. I also love to take pictures of everything so I slowly got into the food influencer lifestyle.

What have you learned from being a foodie? 

I have learned lots of things, good and bad. The bad ones are that sadly, the instagram world can be quite fake sometimes. Not everything looks as it seems! But on the positive side, I have met amazing people in the industry and have learned of new spots in Miami that I would have never heard of if I hadn’t started this hobby.


Most memorable dish? 

Avocado burger from Amour de Miami as well as the FOODVIBESONLY platter from Hoshi&Sushi!

Most awful dish you’ve tried? 

Without naming the place, I would say a cold pizza that I tried that was supposed to be warm! It was a real disappointment.

Cold pizza! That's the worst! is! 


Favorite part about being a foodie? 

All the amazing food that I have tried!! All the extra pounds have been worth it!!


The golden question: What makes your foodie IG handle unique? 

I try to show my face as much as I can so people can relate themselves to my pictures. I always enter funny or punny captions so people can smile when they open my account. Finally, I have a mascot that I use from time to time called FOOVI (find it on the picture). She has accompanied me in many adventures!

Nico @succulentbite


You have quite an interesting background. Tell us a little about where you are from and how you ended up in the Magic City?

 I was born in Chicago, IL and lived there for about 5 months. After that we moved to Miami where we stayed 3 years, then to Bogota, Colombia for 2 years, then to Madrid, Spain for 9 years, and finally back to Miami where I have lived since 2009 (which makes me 27 years old haha).


When did you know you were destined to be a foodie?  

I think The Succulent Bite is a brand I have carried in me throughout my entire life. Growing up in multicultural backgrounds, I was already a foodie by nature! I learned to eat everything from essential crepes all the way to escargots (snails) by the age of 9. Having a broad and well trained palate, I have had the opportunity of indulging on some of the world's most delicious delicacies, from street food to fine dining and everything in between. The real turning point came to happen in 2015, a Sophomore transitioning into Junior year of college, which is when I decided to begin The Succulent Bite. At the moment I did not know what it could potentially grow to be, but what I did have was a passion for food, photography and video which you could see reflected since day 1 on The Succulent Bite's social media platforms. From then on, everything else is history!


Favorite dish you have had and where? 

This one has to be one of the toughest questions to answer! One of the most spectacular culinary experiences I've had was in my last trip to Thailand, where we had the chance of trying all sorts of delicious traditional style Thai dishes. One in particular which I had not had before was Tom Kha Gai soup, which is a spicy & sour coconut milk based soup. I remember the waiter asking me if I'd prefer mild, hot, spicy or Thai spicy... you can imagine my excitement for the last option so evidently gave it a try. The soup came covered in sliced Thai chili peppers, so much so that you couldn't see the soup underneath! I enjoyed every bite of it, however I can recommend that for those who decide to try it... hold on for the heat!


In addition, I'm a big fan of Japanese cuisine (there's something about eating endless sushi, sashimi, nigiri and robata grill dishes and not feeling guilty in calories after it, haha)! For these I have found a few favorite spots in Miami which I visit frequently: Makoto, Novikov, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Osaka and Monkitail! For omakase experience, Sushi By Bou does an incredible job (inside the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach) and I've heard incredible feedback from The Den inside Azabu in Miami Beach.


What would you say was the most exotic/interesting dish you’ve consumed  and where? 

In the realm of exotic foods I have to admit I have not had that many. In my last trip to Shanghai, I recall seeing roasted streetside insects such as scorpions and beetles but I did not give 

them a try. I did however have some excellent Pekin Duck in a traditional, non-touristy restaurant which was outstanding! Many years later, on a trip to Mexico I did give fried mini crickets a try... can't say they were my favorite, but "bucketlist, check!"


Anything you’ve been dying to try but haven’t yet?

Definitely yes, and it's travel related! I've been wanting to visit two places: Melbourne, Australia and Alaska! Being a lover of all things over-the-top, Melbourne definitely has some spectacular creations! Both in the sweet and the savory, and I'd love to film the process of putting all of these together to capture and taste some extra mouth watering moments. In Alaska, I'd love the experience of eating fresh caught and locally prepared salmon (I'll take it in any of it's available preparations haha!)


Someone is coming to Miami, what are 5 things they must try and where? Oh so many! Definitely start the day with an early breakfast at B Bistro & Bakery. They are located in Brickell and have the best avocado toast and croissants (and I mean Nutella, charcoal dulce de leche, strawberry goat cheese, Oreo cruffins, and many more). Make sure you also order their guava & cheese pancakes! After briefly digesting, make your way to coffee at Dreamer in Miami beach for quite the aesthetic and coffee variety experience. Grab lunch at 1800 Lucky where you can find multiple different vendors including Poke OG, Taiyaki and b-side to name a few of my faves! You can then grab dessert at Cielito Artisan Pops, Dasher & Crank , Mojo Donuts and/or Midtown Creamery (they have super creative desserts! Plus you can try The Succulent Bite signature cookie dough ice cream pop at cielito as well as a cinnamon roll waffle cone ice cream at Midtown Creamery). For dinner you can try one of the previously mentioned Japanese spots! If you're into greek food make sure to swing by Mandolin or Milos. For the taco sort, make sure to check out Coyo Taco!


Who’s your favorite all time chef?

I have a special place and love for all the local/international/celebrity Miami chefs which I have had the pleasure to work with in the past few years!  I also admire very much Gordon Ramsay as I find him extremely talented and very much entertaining to watch!

What do you like most about being The Succulent Bite?

For me it's all about the experiences that I have been able to live throughout the years. Meeting beautiful people, exploring dreamed of places/destinations and trying foods from all over the world. It's a journey that is definitely just starting, and I cannot wait to keep growing and developing in the many years to come.

The golden question: What makes The Succulent Bite unique?

Part of what makes The Succulent Bite so unique is the community we have created over the past 5 years. With over 1 million combined subscribers across social media platforms, I create content thinking of what they all enjoy seeing the most and what will add most value to their daily lives. Whether it's creating a new recipe that they can try at home, showcasing a new dessert spot or restaurant where they can order/dine-in, or simply entertaining & drool-worthy videos to indulge on. I have the biggest satisfaction every time we publish something that everyone enjoys!

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