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December 18, 2020

Flying Cars (Getty Images).jpg

In 1885, the first automobile developed and it took only two decades to invent the first ever airplane by the Wright brothers in North Carolina. Nowadays, the advancements in the automobile industry have taken a new turn leaving behind the concept of EVs. Humans today are merging the concepts of cars and flying as flying cars are all set to make its debut in Miami. The Paramount World Center in Miami is welcoming attendees to behold the grand debut of the American first Flying car. Kodsi’s company constructed a 700 feet skyscraper for the landing and take-off of flying cars.

Features and specifications

The prime flying car incorporates the rotor blades that enable the car to fly like planes. What is even more incredible is that the rotor blades can be folded if the car has to be driven on roads. The incredible car uses gasoline as its fuel which is comparatively cheaper than the aviation fuel. The exemplary car will be landing on paramount’s roof. This will be using the skyport feature or secure and sound landing. Paramount’s developer in a press release stated how the Jetsons cartoons inspired the world about the idea of flying cars. He further affirmed the building of a sky deck pool that can be raised due to hydraulic floor up to 60 floors and it will be the landing as well as the take-off pad for the incredible flying cars. With the remarkable speed of 110mph on road and 230 mph in the air, the flying cars will be able to reach an altitude of almost 12,500 feet.

What else do we know?

The project of the manufacture of flying cars is completed in the beginning of 2020. The paramount World centre, Miami has constructed and will be having 569 units. The prices of these units vary from $750,000 to $1000,000. People are crazy about flying cars. This can be proved by the fact that 90 percent of the homes are already sold. It will further have about 11 domestic households and commercial offices. The complex will have one convention center, Miami and various other hotels. One of these hostels will be Marriott Marquis having 1600 rooms and hence takes the title of largest hotel ever established in Florida.

The plan

The residents stationed inside the paramount complex will be accessing skyDeck through glass elevators that will take them to the highest floor right from their condos. The strong, sturdy structure will be capable of facilitating vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).70 such vehicles are already booked. Astounding! Isn’t it?

The Virgin Train’s terminal from the USA will be constructed beside the paramount complex. The reception is reported to begin 4:30 pm local time at 851 NE First Avenue, Miami.

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