Posted on August 26, 2018

Flor de



The inspiration and motivation behind Flor de Karonka stems from unity. Unity of elements that come together to make a different and eye catching accessory. Jennifer Ramos believes that everything we create and experience is meant to bring us together. Whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, we strive to reach people in the most primitive way and create a bond.

In the process of making every piece, Jennifer brings together different elements; metal, textile, gemstone, to name a few. Her creative process does not always begin with a drawing or a visual manifestation of the final piece. She likes to experience the textures and colors of the fabrics and stones before she begins and creates as she goes.

Jennifer loves what she does, and wants to extend her vision to as many bold, outgoing, and adventurous women as possible. Fashion, Art and creativity have been with her since she was a child. She grew up with a strong influence of ballet, painting and piano. After many years of contemplating the next steps of her passion, she finally got the courage to start her business. After her son was born, she decided that if she wanted to teach him about following his dreams and doing what truly makes him happy, she needed to show him a strong example of this by living out her own dreams and desires.

Jennifer was born in New York, but raised in Colombia. She wanted to incorporate a piece of her heritage into her brand and so Karonka was born. The name Karonka stems from a region in the northern desert of Guajira. She wanted something that represented the idea of a flower growing in the desert. Planting a seed in arid soil and slowly watching it grow was how she thought about her business initially, almost against all odds and limiting fears. Another contributing influence to her work was living in NYC for 13 years and living in South Florida with her family. 

Jennifer does a lot of custom work, so if there is see something you like and want it in a different color, or length she can gladly accommodate.

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