Flawsome...it's a Thing

 words / Dr. Carolina Raeburn  |   Posted on March 20, 2019  |     |    health & fitness

Flawsome is one of my favorite expressions. Yes, it’s a real word. It became part of our lexicon in 2014 when Tyra Banks “coined” the term. It means that an individual acknowledges that they are not perfect (has flaws) but rather than rejecting imperfection, they embrace it and know that they are awesome regardless. I like to think of it as self-acceptance with a kick of confidence. But self-acceptance isn’t easy to attain; it’s something that takes work.


Self-acceptance is when we see all of our follies, weaknesses, and shortcomings but it doesn’t interfere with our capability of self-love. It’s unconditional. It includes body acceptance, believing in yourself, and protecting yourself from negative criticism.

Here are some ways we can incorporate more self-acceptance and self-love into out lives:

Be kind to yourself. If your best friend made a mistake —like flopped at a job interview— would you tell them “You’re an idiot! You never do anything right! You're so stupid!”? My guess is that you probably wouldn’t speak to them like that. Perhaps your response will be more in the lines of “don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes. You’ll get ‘em next time”. However, ask yourself how you talk to yourself when you make a mistake. Are you hard like the first example or are you
compassionate with yourself? Too frequently, people are way harder on themselves than they are with others. Remember to show yourself self-compassion. Speak to yourself like you would speak to your best friend.

Show yourself some love by practicing good self-care. you can cultivate self-care practices though daily healthy activities — like exercise, skin care, nutrition, sleep hygiene, healthy social circles, and intimacy. It’s a way of telling yourself “I love you and take good care of you”. Self regulate. Subdue negative emotions like self-hatred and redirect your thoughts to focus on positive areas of yourself. Moreover, you can regulate and reframe negative situations. Try to begin seeing the positive opportunities in negative situations.

Most importantly, self love and acceptance begins to grow when we stop judging ourselves. Kudos to Tyra Banks for bringing it to the mainstream. #TeamFlawsome

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