Posted on August 24, 2018


Finessing Cup


As you probably know,

the World Cup was upon us and people across the globe were glued to their TV sets, tablets, and phones watching their national teams play in Russia.  For Miami, a city where immigrants from all over the world come seeking a better life, searching opportunities and grasping all that this city has to offer, the World Cup takes on a special meaning.

It's a moment

when first generation parents can invite their siblings and remember how far they've come and how much love they have for the places they're from.  Americans can take pride in their heritage.

With all that in mind, Finessing Miami, Most Vile, Shoe Gallery and Windows on Earth have teamed up to create the soccer jersey that best represents the spirit of the Magic City.

if the World Cup is a chance for different countries to celebrate their athletic talent, we see it as an opportunity  to showcase the beauty and creativity of our diverse, expansive city (which often feels like a country all by itself).

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