February: Stress & Love

Posted on January 29, 2018  |   Words / Dr. Carolina Raeburn    | health & fitness

February: Stress & Love

February is the month of love. It’s a time to focus on our relationships and on self-love. By channeling stress correctly we are exercising self-love and making sure our relationships thrive.

Stress can affect every part of our lives including our romantic partnerships.If we are constantly stressed due to our jobs, life, or any other external factor, our relationships may feel the brunt of it. We may become emotionally blunted, feel isolated, and irritable.

Sometimes we try to keep our feelings to ourselves. But keeping a lid on our feelings may be a mistake. By not communicating, we may make our partner feel ignored and create distance in our relationships. However,there is an upside to stress. These feelings, when shared properly, can provide an opportunity for closeness and communicating to your partner will help them understand how to support you better.


February: Stress & Love

Allowing your partner to help you cope with stress, leads to bonding and closeness. It may be as easy as asking for support when you need it. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, don’t be reluctant to let your partner know you’d like their help. It may also be as easy as accepting help -if it’s offered spontaneously.

Support can entail hands-on help (washing the dishes, getting the groceries, etc), advice-giving or providing reassurance or emotional comfort.

Researchers are starting to recognize that stress does not only activate the flight-or-fight response but that stress hormones can also activate center sin the brain that are responsible for compassion, cooperation, and care-giving. Stress doesn’t have to lead to defensiveness or isolation, it canal so lead to togetherness.

February: Stress & Love

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