January 31, 2021

BEAUTY-Like Tyra

Words / Gelsandra Guzman | IG: @gelsandra_guzman
Delmar Bailey | IG @dbailey_photo
Mvchhmore | IG @mvchhmore
Miami Vibes Magazine February 2021 Issue

Catch me learning and creating spaces for such a BEAUTY- like TYRA!

From the comfort of our own home, I was gifted the opportunity to interview the beautiful model TYRA,

a Miami local, a woman confident in her own skin and spilling all the tea for you, for me, for US!

Miami Vibes Magazine February 2021 Issue

First of all, what does a woman's body mean to you? Because God definitely gifted you QUEEN! First of all thank you for the beautiful comment and compliment. For me a woman's body means EVERYTHING. It's so easy for people to use our body to degrade us. As women we are nervous and we fear judgement. We need and crave that confidence within ourselves. The beauty with the fashion industry is that you are able to play with your choices and elevate yourself as an individual and your mental stability.elevate yourself as an individual and your mental stability.

Tell us a bit about your Journey? My life has been integrated with ups and downs. I graduated from high school and went straight into college. I was gifted the opportunity to attend FIU, and recently graduated in April of 2020 with a Bachelors in Psychology and Criminal Justice. My ultimate goal is to foster an opportunity as a Forensic Psychiatrist for the criminal population. I fear our criminal population is disregarded when it comes to mental illness and stability, especially when they are incarcerated. When I initiated the idea of modeling, I didn't have it all, I feared and struggled with the idea of the

potential in myself, it was just not there, it grew over time. With doing photoshoots, and having friends that motivated me and held me accountable to what my purpose is and kept me aligned and fully focused.


Looking at your profile, I love that you are a risk-taker when it comes to style, where do you gather inspo for your looks? I gather inspiration from myself- If i see something that I like I go for it. The old Tyra would never do that. I would question and second guess all decisions made. Over time with much consistency and dedica