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I believe that our face has a different level of importance in our life...

and because of that, I treat my face in a very special way. Our face is the mirror of our soul. Our face can reveal love, happiness, sadness, anger. Our face says everything, including what our spirit and body is feeling. 

After the age of 25, our face  shows if did not have a good night's rest through the of black circles under our eyes. If we are dehydrated the skin will appear very dry. If we eat fatty foods,  we will probably be full of acne... so everything literally shows on the face.


The face is also the first thing that connects with others; through the eyes and our gaze. Therefore the face is our Key!


How we control and treat our face is how we control and treat our life. 

Natalia Chivniuc

Not too long ago, I was thinking that I can’t control anything about my skin, or aging, especially on the face, I was sure that wrinkles are natural, they appear with the years and there is nothing I can do about them. It’s natural to have wrinkles and I stuck with this idea for a while...

Two years ago I had two of my girlfriends over, speaking about beauty, aging, botox, health and caring for ourselves. We must have been 28 or 29 at the time. Mary was a fan of Botox and all kinds of injections and procedures that make us ‘beautiful. Ivory, was very simple. It was very rare to find her wearing make-up , but she was always trying to stay beautiful and healthy. And myself -Natalia, I love to look good. I love to take care of myself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But I do not have the funds or time to spend on salons and am completely against any kind injections.

Natalia Chivniuc

When we started to talk about wrinkles, Mary turned to me and said, "oh, you have to start Botox now in your forehead or soon it will be too late!" She we on and on about how Botox is the only way I will be able to keep the wrinkles away...

I was shocked...

 First of all: I was only 28 did I really have wrinkles so deep and that many?! 

Are they really so visible?!

 I don’t want any Botox in my body or anything else injected into my body.... I’ve studied enough to Understand that what’s injected, may iron the wrinkles fast, but it has a reverse side effect as well because those liquids are only hiding the wrinkles for some time, after a while, they become even deeper, and a reverse effect happens!



I couldn’t sleep that night. I went to the mirror and started to study myself. I saw 4 deep wrinkles on my forehead and when I was flexing they were multiplying to 12.  Then I had 2 long nasolabial wrinkles. Where did they come from?! How come I never saw them before? Or maybe I just never paid attention to them?! I am only 28 and my skin is aging so fast... I had so many questions in my head but there was one thing I knew for sure, there should be away, to keep my skin alive. 


So I started my research...

I found ancient beauty secrets, from such ancients as Cleopatra, different cultures using different methods, different ingredients for the skin, I even discovered that there are different types of aging and by finding our personal type we can help slow down the process.


Then I discovered the Secret- face building. Sculpting techniques, face fitness, face yoga, massage techniques, different names for the same knowledge, I even found a special technique for changing the nose form, making it thinner.


I was shocked to find out that so many people were exercising their face, knowing about it and yet so many people ignored this information. I found numerous HOLLYWOOD actors who are sculpting their cheekbones with these exercises. 


Even though it made perfect sense to me, that we have muscles in our face and neck and we just have to keep them toned, a lot like we tone our body, it was hard to believe that this was the secret. It seems so easy and almost impossible.

The next morning, I started using these techniques. I couldn’t stop. I was exercising while watching television or taking off my make-up and was even exercising in the car, while driving to work. In two weeks, my double chin and two nasolabial wrinkles disappeared. Literally just disappeared...


Then a lot of my friends start noticing a change in me, and they were guessing, did I lose weight or did I change my hair?! What exactly changed?! Everyone kept telling me that I became more beautiful. Of course, my whole image changed for the best. I became more confident too!

Discovering this knowledge and these techniques proved to me one more time, that everything in our life is possible, even controlling aging, plus we have everything we need from nature, we just have to find the way to use it.


The best part of this is, that once we learn the techniques, they become a part of the routine. It’s a lifestyle which doesn’t hurt to maintain. A Natural facelift is possible, let me show you how!!!


The secrets to beauty and eternal youth are waiting for you.

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