November 4, 2020

"Everyone Eats" at Delicious Raw

restaurants in Miami

Where you can get clean, wholesome meals and treats that just so happen to be plant-based...

restaurants in Miami

I spoke with Nikki Quan manager at Delicious Raw, and we touched on the humble beginnings of the local health spot and their mission for inclusively clean and wholesome food.


It's not outlandish to say that if you aren't vegan, it can be intimidating to step into a local vegan cafe and feel like you don't belong. As if someone can sense you aren't one of them– or maybe they can just smell the bacon and eggs you had for breakfast that morning. Either way, the point is that although many vegan / vegetarian cafes are welcoming, it's easy to feel unwelcome even before stepping in merely due to stereotypes placed on different diets and lifestyles nowadays.