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Interview /  Crystal Tejera with Monica Reyes |   transform & manifest   |   Posted on May 20, 2019  

What do you want to communicate to the world? What tools for personal evolution do you want to share with the world? What inspires you?

I am here to guide humanity back to remembering the truth about why we are here and who we are - we are both human and spirit. Both flawed and infallible. Both imperfect and divinely perfect. This life’s journey is both about accepting our own humanity and remembering that we are infinite, integrating both into a life filled with oneness, compassion, and deep connection with ourselves, each other and the planet.

I want to communicate to the world that when we can begin to look at ourselves with love and acceptance, we will begin to accept each other. I want the world to know that the planet is alive, and we too are connected to the planet. I want the world to know that our lives do not just consist of the 9 to 5, but a world of magic, mysticism and beauty. This is who we are.


I want to share kundalini meditation and mindfulness with the world so that they may use these tools to go inward, to move the stagnant energy within them, to love and accept all the parts of themselves, and to feel connected to the divine.I am inspired by the beauty in the world, by unconditional love, by the possibility that we may all know what this feels like and what it may mean for our future.

What brought you to the place of “seeking within” for the answers?

I’ve always had a relationship with the place of within. I have always been a self-contemplator, a thinker, a philosopher. I first began to intentionally go within to this space as a young entrepreneur. This happened by necessity. I had so much chaos outside of me, in my head, I intuitively went within and it became my favorite place. I remember craving the feeling of being within and finding moments throughout my day to just be there.

Can you share about “evolution”as it relates to personal transformation and manifestation?

Historically, when you look back at evolution, we all come from the stars. Fast forward, life began on earth as a single cell. Multiplying, replicating, evolution moved from the ocean to land, from eggs to live birth and then from animals to humans. In that turn from animals to humans was the birth of awareness - the ability to self-recognize. So it would make sense that the way we continue to evolve as humans is to continue to self-recognize, ultimately becoming aware that we are Life itself, becoming aware of itself. I believe this journey is about lovingly accepting ourselves, each other, our reality and remembering that we are divine, infinite creators.

On your website, you mention that you can guarantee outcomes when Kundalini Yoga is practiced precisely? 
Can you elaborate what you mean by outcomes?

I will never personally guarantee an outcome, however with Kundalini yoga, if you do the recipe of movements (kriya) for a set amount of time with the right intention, because it is a technology,the outcome is almost always guaranteed. By outcome I mean whatever the meditation or kriyais for - each one has a different result, all described in the title of the meditation/kriya itself. If you do a meditation for developing intuition that is the outcome you will get. If you do one for balancing the hemispheres of your brain, or connecting to the divine feminine - that is what you will experience.

What fuels your inspiration to continue to do the work your putting forth in the world?

Seeing the work in action fuels my inspiration. When I see people who were once lost,disconnected, depressed, alone, after just short amount of time now integrating this work into everything they do - I feel possibility. My own continued ascension also inspires me, because it allows me to experience what is possible.

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