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Foodie  |  July 1, 2021

Would you like to discuss it over coffee?

Word / Gelzandra Gusman | IG: gelsandra_guzman

specialty coffee in Miami

Setting up experiences, living those special moments or looking forward to those mental
breaks, which all promote wellness and a healthy integration between your professional
workplace and your personal life are key to clear the mind and create the space

for you to take on the world.

With XOL Coffee we are creating impact for generations to come. Company culture has quickly become one of the most sought after components of a business when people are looking forreasons to join a team or partner with a business or brand.

Let’s talk about human connectionand interaction, just how powerful this could be for you or your team.


Creating a space in your workplace or organization for coffee enthusiasts is something that should be embedded in yourexperience for that so-called social setting. 


When individuals come together over coffee, it
cultivates cohesion, opens the mind up to endless possibilities of meaningful conversations,
sparks innovative ideas and ultimately leads to bonding which creates that family atmosphere.
The place that feels like home


specialty coffee in Miami

As you envision this beautiful coffee shop layout within your business setting, think about how you can already have the opportunity to elevate and truly transform morale, attitude and energy. With XOL Coffee, you’re not only experiencing a cup of coffee, you are providing as per the Specialty Coffee Association, which has implemented a cupping score of 0-100, only providing that “Specialty Badge” for coffees scoring 80 or above, and with XOL ranked above the 80 mark, allowing us to bring to the market the best in class beans and tea sourced by the best! XOL Coffee, here to serve you.

specialty coffee in Miami

We are here to provide more than just an exquisite high-end cup of coffee, we like to focus on the special, personal and curated experience you get to live by consuming and purchasing XOL Coffee. Within our portfolio of products we are excited to chat with our Miami Vibes Family regarding our single serve pour-over brewing technique. The next big thing. From our beautiful motherland of Colombia, and now other countries from Central and South America.

specialty coffee in Miami

Drip bags or best known as the single serve pour-over brewing technique has a way of touching our hearts in so many ways. It's a sustainable way of drinking coffee, it's
biodegradable, promotes a cleaner look and taste and it's quick and convenient. Where would we be today without taking care of mother earth?


As Paulo Coelho best said

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”


We are walking the walk over at XOL Coffee,
we are rooted in social and environmental change.

IRemember, with XOL you can Change the World, but first we start with Coffee!

So next time a client, employee, colleague, friend or a special someone invites you to a coffee break- You say “We deserve only the best in class- XOL Coffee.”

specialty coffee in Miami
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