Posted on November 25, 2018

Did Somebody Say Booty?

Words / Tamaya Rodriguez

My name is Tamaya. I am originally from France and started teaching reggae dancehall classes at a young age. 


From there I created a crew, did a few shows etc. I began travelling and starred in music videos, training on my own taking a few classes here and there whenever I could.

Many times,  I would hear many girls say with a lack of confidence,  “I would love to dance but I just can’t.” It dawn on me one day when I was working out with friends at the beach that girls are more comfortable to “workout” but not “dance” so let me mix both - workout and dance - while targeting one of our favorite body parts - the booty! 

So, here ElectricWhine was born- a class that mixes glutes and legs exercises with reggae, dancehall steps. The feedback I’ve had has been priceless. I loved how it gave the girls confidence to be themselves and dance away. Random people would record us at the beach, and some would ask if they could  “jump in.”

I knew this would be great and I wanted to make it even more unique. I wanted the girls that come to my classes to feel beautiful, sexy and confident without being or feeling judged. I wanted them to realize that the world needed more of their uniqueness. “Empowered women empower women” right? I felt empowered by the energy they were bringing to each class. Each and every class is a new experience and a new feeling. I started to incorporate a 5 min reflection time at the end of he class where they would close their eyes and simply allow themselves to feel the connection  with their bodies, minds and souls. 

 Sometimes we stayed quiet for a while and other sometimes it led to deep talks and experience sharing.

So ElectricWhine isn’t just a dance class. It’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a community where you have the time and opportunity to meet uplifting individuals. It’s for the Dreamer who wants to work her magic. 

Photography / @ruthkim

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