The Detangler Spray You

Didn’t Know You Needed

From Nature’s Magic Secret

Writer | @therollingsloan
photographer | @gianocurrie

Style, January 1, 2022

natural hair products

This bright-smelling, nutrient packed spray is not only completely organic, natural and handmade, but it’s also highly effective. Nature’s Magic Secret’s Detangler Spray and Leave-In Treatment is one of the most powerful detanglers we’ve seen that doesn’t come at the cost of using the synthetic chemicals and general “gunk” that is  found in most hair products.

Using ingredients like Vitamins A and E, essential peppermint and sage oils, and conditioning Jojoba and Argan oils, this product protects your strands while producing hair growth and a healthy scalp. It’s no wonder they call themselves magic!

Now, some might ask if detanglers are even necessary. What if your hair doesn’t get so tangled? What if you have the most luscious locks, all day every day? Well, if you do, call us because we want to know what you’re doing.

Hair experts have been consulted extensively on this topic and they advise a definite,Yes…and this is the reason. Detanglers are not just important, but they are a crucial step in preventing large amounts of breakage while strengthening each strand and prepping them for other products to follow. So, if you’re like the majority who could always use something to spruce up their hair routine and ensure proper hair protection and longevity, you’ll want to use Nature’s Magic Secret’s Detangler Spray.

Let’s really talk about hair detanglers for a second – what are they really? Just some magical substance that helps you get knots out of your hair, that shines and smooths it? Like most products on the shelf, we’d all like to think that they’re only doing what they’re intended to do. The sad truth, however, is that most detangling products are filled with ingredients like silicones and acidifiers, which are certainly the lesser promoted aspects of the product. 

natural hair products

Synthetic chemicals and ingredients may have some nice short-term effects for your hair, but over time can actually affect your body’s health. Especially considering that many children use detangler sprays, these are some serious details that need to be considered before you pick up a random “Kid’s Detangler” on your next CVS trip. Your hair detangler should do what a detangler is meant to do and nothing else. Lucky for us, Nature’s Magic Secret detangles your hair and helps your hair grow with only natural ingredients that you can read off the label.