Finding  a Story

January 27, 2019   |  Words / Nestor Correa   | The Creative Corner

To say that I am a Cuban born photographer would be an accurate description, since I have a camera and take photographs. I rather think of myself as a hunter of moments, I capture life’s moments as they happen, and I let them tell their story. People always say that photographers tell a story, I, however, like to think that we don’t tell a story, we find a story, we capture its moment in time and we set it up for the viewer to develop. Photographers are merely finding the opening scene to the story.

Photography whether still or moving pictures, has a very intricate technical base, the lens the camera, the lights, all parts of the ingredients for a good photograph. To be able to capture incredible moments, one must detach themselves from the technical aspects and latch on to the spiritual moment in the photograph. You must become one with the scene in order to see it before you focus.

I have been a photographer all my life and started in High School, I never thought of doing anything other than photography and film, and I don't think I would do anything else.

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