Dj. Aloona

January 27, 2018   |   The Creative Corner

Aloona is the epitome of how music transcends language and borders allowing everyone to understand it. This talented Russian beauty began her career as a regular performer at the most famous clubs in Moscow, where she also held her own weekly radio show. 

Dedicated to music from a young age, Aloona grew up playing the piano prior to teaching herself to play guitar and how to DJ creating playlists for her friends before any formal training. She later enrolled in the best DJ school Moscow had to offer and played in restaurants and clubs to practice for months, honing her skills and mastering her technique before moving on to the city’s famous clubs and later the United States. 

In addition to performing, Aloona dedicates her free time to teaching her skills to those who share her passion for music with private DJ classes as well as producing her own music. She collaborates with DJs in the underground scene and produces Deep, Tech and Afro House tracks.

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