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Sandra Madjdi

Meet Sandra Madjdi... 

Sandra Madjdi is a celebrity stylist that goes above and beyond the traditional boundaries of styling. Sandra offers different levels of complete package makeovers known as the “Sandra Effect”. The Sandra Effect provides a complete upgrade of one’s look from head to toe. She provides an entire vision from not only wardrobe but hair styling and makeup artistry as well.

In addition to her work in beauty,
she is a brand ambassador for Phomaz Handbags. Sandra has a passion for giving and philanthropy. She continues to work with women and children around the globe to stop violence and hunger.

The brand...

This brand had been in the entertainment and fashion industry since 1997. Sandra started out post college and set out to live my dreams as a stylist and makeup artist in NYC. She was hungry to work and succeed in the industry and also to learn anything and everything to do with fashion, beauty, hair, make-up and the way things worked and moved in and out of Hollywood. In the beginning and mostly true to this day she has never said no to any opportunity, and she always carried extreme gratitude for whomever she was blessed to work with

In 2006 when she felt confident with the team and clients she had built, she decided to brand herself and name it DeuxLove. This move led her to touring with clients like professional recording artist and television personality RayJ as well as professional baseball player David Ortiz and many others. 

Sandra arrived in Miami in 2010 and set off by acquiring new clients and projects not only in Miami but many cities around the country. Although the television pilots she worked on didn't make it, her business brand has flourished and is well known around the city of Miami.  In the past 8 years she has built a strong foundation of well-known and high end influential clients in the area, and has a steady well respected following.

In 2017, Sandra entered back into the celebrity and fashion arena with her focus being to help artists that needed a shot at this constant growing industry and help them to brand their own business and maximize their potential. 

Most recently she has been working and representing a very talented chef who appeared on Hell’s Kitchen, and is set to appear on the show again at the end of September 2018 on FOX.  Not only is Chef Bret very talented, he is also very deserving of the title and personal chef to and Sean Puffy Combs and Bad Boy Entertainment. 

The brand is currently working with Chef Bret along with their other clients to provide the best possible opportunity and representation, not only in fashion but business as well. This type of representation that they do for their clients is called  #THESANDRAEFFECT and consists of the following:

#THESANDRAEFFECT is the place where you feel safe to express your own style and share your needs. Be it a weakness or desire, we want to know what those are and we work together and achieve your desired result.  #THESANDRAEFFECT encompasses many avenues of style and fashion. 

They do make-up, hair, wardrobe, personal styling, representation, and outline business plans for our many clients.  They not only work in high profile environments but they also provide personal and private services in your own home. 

#THESANDRAEFFECT is a positive and uplifting movement, with the client needs being front and center. They look to provide this experience for every client, and desire a healthy nurturing two way relationship with everyone they work with.

Photography/ Fred Love; Aubrey Chandler; Sandra Madjdi 

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