Posted on October 03, 2018

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Mark Riva

A celebration of health,fitness & wellness
– Miami Style.

Words / Mark Riva

It is a pleasure to welcome you to this column celebrating Miami health, fitness and wellness. With our great weather and gorgeous tropic ecology, Miami is a natural fitness paradise. Getting out and being active on the beach is a natural thing. Nature is everything to the Miami experience and Miami Vibes. It’s all about being fit for the highest quality life.

Exercising outdoors is linked to happiness, high energy levels and well-being. Fitness in the great outdoors, close to the elements; the sun, air and rain, naturally improves our health and appreciation of natural beauty. This is the primal instinct of life. Nature is the ultimate context for fitness and the ultimate space for fitness to spontaneously arise.

"Fitness in the great outdoors, close to the elements; the sun, air and rain, naturally improves our health and appreciation of natural beauty." 

Fitness en plein air, in the open air, alfresco, is second-nature. At the nexus of art, fitness and nature an integration of disciplines and activities are creatively combined. It all adds up to a positive vibe: better health, more connection to the environment and to other people, and a balance of body and mind. Fit culture, sport culture, beach culture and coastal culture drive this vibe with a vitality that is naturally fit by design.Natural fitness follows nature’s way. A body in harmony with nature is a beautiful thing. This is common sense and plain as day. 

We move organically across the landscape of wellness blending techniques and modalities that blur the lines between body, fitness system and environment. To move is to be human, it is the first principle and highest embodiment of the human body. Fitness inspired by nature is therefore about activating, trusting, and following our natural instinct to move in symmetry with what feels natural within the whole of nature.Natural inspiration is a harmonious sense of equilibrium between ourselves and the world. It is what puts our lives in balance and provides an ideal of a balanced and inspired lifestyle. Nowhere is this expressed better than in South Beach where the American flagship installation of the MyEquilibria “Wellness Park” was recently unveiled on Muscle Beach. Getting fit in Miami has never been more creative, rewarding and exciting.

Called “the most comprehensive and energizing outdoor functional training environment ever created,”
MyEquilibria sets a new standard for outdoor fitness. With over 30 workout components incorporating ten different sports disciplines such as yoga, gymnastics and calisthenics, it offers an integrated  full-body workout through a

 comprehensive, whole-systems approach for balance, strength, coordination, accuracy, agility, cardio, endurance, flexibility, stamina, and power.

The perfect fusion of art and exercise, MyEquilibria redefines the workout experience through an “Instinctive Fitness Philosophy” that aims to improve health and wellbeing through open-air workouts that inspire people of all levels to exercise while having fun. What a game-changer it is and what a boon for this City; something so engaging, innovative, effective, and iconic, it ushers in a new era for Miami fitness that is, for all intents of purpose, revolutionary, with unlimited potential for enhancing the quality of our lives. 

Follow our celebration of Miami health, fitness and wellness as a regular Miami Vibes feature by Mark Riva of SoBe Fit, a South Beach based fitness company inspired by nature at SoBe Fit. Miami.

photography / Dean Chambers


      Mark Riva (first photo)

      Alexander Karpov (2nd, 3rd, 4th photo)

      Analys Romao (4th photo)

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