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words / Sharon Van Tienhoven

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Zak the Baker

“Welcome to Miami.” An infamous statement we all know and love. I have always dreamt of uttering those words until it actually became a reality when I emigrated here with my family from Amsterdam. So goodbye Amsterdam, hello Miami.

Living in Miami made it possible to enjoy quality time with my two boys while going on many fun filled adventures. So, today I want to share my Miami outings with you in different neighborhoods; from Wynwood to South Beach and from Coral Gables to Upper Buena Vista. Miami offers mothers a chance to enjoy Miami without having to be tied down to a playground. 

Coming from the Netherlands and running a household with three men, including my husband, bread is our main priority, so our first challenge about emigrating here was where on earth were we going to find some good bread. Not just bread, we also appreciate a good coffee and croissant for breakfast. My husband set out on a mission to discover the best breakfast sandwich in town, a.k.a the breakfast for champions. So, hereby our family recommendations for the best B&B (bread or breakfast), with or without kids. 


Madruga will not disappoint you. They have different choices of loaves and great baguettes, but we get all crazy about their croissants. Enjoying their croissants at home on Saturday morning with the family or spending our morning at Madruga is a real treat and both ways guarantee success. The bakery is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or a good cup of coffee. It’s a place where you can also pick up a little of the milling because the bakery is one big open space. Before I forget, if you like a pastry or pie with your coffee there is more than enough to choose from. Will be a treat to see you around.

1430 S Dixie Hwy Suite 117, Coral Gables, FL 33146


True Loaf is located in Miami Beach.  Approximately a twenty minute drive for us but it makes us happy every time we go. Fun fact: we discovered that when Tomas Strulovic signed his lease for the bakery he didn’t know how to bake  bread! Something you will not believe when you see, smell and taste his bread and pastries today. Make sure to be there promptly in the morning or you will be fresh out of luck for his delicious bread. Strulovic underwent a career change from a financier into a first class baker at the San Francisco Baking Institute, combined with his unpaid internship experience under Richard Bourdon (who rejected Strulovic many times), at Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Massachusetts. This small cozy bakery is perfect for a drop in: buy your bread, have a coffee and pastry and continue your day. But if you go here, don’t forget to get yourself the amazing peanut butter of Big Spoon Roaster. So delicious!

1111 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139  / 855-311-6903


Sourdough bread and Zak Stern are committed to each other for life. In 2012, Zak started at the Pinecrest Farmers Market every Sunday at 9.30am with 50 Sourdough bread, only to find himself leaving around 10am without any bread. As you can image the Miami community loved his bread and so do we. Coming from Europe this bread makes us feel at home with every bite and we’re lucky because Stern managed to sell his bread now in several locations in Miami, with the main bakery situated in Wynwood.

For Zak’s bread we normally go to Whole Foods, but every now and then we take the kids to the bakery and enjoy a nice breakfast in the bakery and get a whiff of all the fresh loves. If will also find a plethora of great pastries to enjoy with your coffee or a great sandwich for lunch. Definitely a place to go to and if you have time, don’t neglect to walk around in Wynwood for all the great art. 

161 OCEAN DR., MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 / 786-276-0520


This place was like a second home to me in the beginning of our journey here, when we lived like nomads in Miami with only four suitcases and without a place to call our own. We were privileged to reside with newly found friends in Brickell until we settled in. They had a really great spot but no coffee machine! But this gave me a good reason to stumble upon B Bistro + Bakery across the street where my boys enjoyed their babycino (only milk and foam, no coffee) and I an cappuccino. So every now and then, we would have a croissant or another pastry for breakfast at this location.

This place is a lot more than the pastries, the well known Chef Henry Hané who runs the place in Brickell, worked in multiple Michelin Star restaurants and will make sure your visit at the bistro part is always a great success. The eatery is focused on the needs of the community and the Sunday brunch is always a good idea. It was a big surprise when Chef Hané announced a new concept for dinner at B Bistro + Bakery to make the picture complete. As of now Chef Phuket Thongsodchareondee (aka Cake) will take over the bistro in the evening with Cake Thai Zap Elee. With this new concept, this famous Brickell place can serve you the entire day. Although we no longer reside in the Brickell, this great concept is still on my to do list!

1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, 33134 / 305-445-1926


I can still remember the first time we drove up to ALL DAY. It was an early morning as always with my kids and Miami was still asleep. The drive to downtown is beautiful early in the morning when the traffic is still low. I love it. This great place is located in the Park West neighborhood of upper downtown. During our first visit we didn’t know the area and when we arrived we only saw E11even and Space, two big clubs here in Miami. The streets full of people who had stayed up partying. I told my husband that if this place is full of drunk people we would not be able to stay unfortunately, because I can remember a good night out in Amsterdam always ended up with a good breakfast before I headed to bed. The great thing about this place is that they serve breakfast ALL DAY!

Lucky for us the place was filled with young parents. My husband also lucked out because he found out that they served an AMAZING breakfast sandwich. After ordering his second one, he went to the chef to ask the recipe for the sauce and now we can enjoy the same breakfast sandwich at home. Lucky me! 

The spot is owned by Camila Ramos and Chris MacLeod, two very passionate individuals. Camilia’s specialty is coffee and has been awarded several barista winning awards. Chris is the owner of the neighboring bar, The Corner, an icon in Miami’s bar scene. A great combination for this lovely hidden gem, visited by many great and creative people in Miami.

Coffee is always a good idea in this place and if you love Instagrammable moments, their front window will make your picture complete.

601 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33131 / 305-720-2401

Looking forward to seeing you around in one of these great Miami spots and I’m always curious where Miami brings you for bread, breakfast or coffee. If you want to get to know more about my adventures with my family,  don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram: @miniandmebysharon