Posted on November 25, 2018

The Art of Breathing

words / Gina Avellan

Gina Avellan is a BreathWork practitioner that helps people achieve personal transformation via the simple practice of getting them to breathe a specific technique.


This gift comes from her own personal journey in career and personal development. Work pursuits resulted in her obtaining an MBA and eventually a position in surgical robotic medical sales supporting surgeons in the operating room. Personal growth caused her to gain wisdom and proficiency in a number of healing modalities. Gina ties together spiritual and physical health with an understanding that this only comes from deep inner work and care and feeding of the spirit and the body.


She is certified as a Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator. This unique collection of skills has allowed her to emerge as a dynamic healer who is able to support those in their own quest for mindful living and personal expansion.

What attracted you to Breathwork?

I love the simplicity of the technique, such profound results. There is no dogma surrounding the practice anyone and everyone can take a class. No need to have prior experience of any sort.


What is Breathwork?

Breathwork has been around for many decades and there’s different types of techniques, but they all root from the same source. There are certain subtleties in the actual technique, but similar results. I was trained with Effiji breathe and now have incorporated different modalities into my practice. When breathing consciously the outcomes will unleash a flood of benefits. It will help unblock stored emotions in the body that no longer serve you. There is now scientific data that validates how Breathwork promotes psychological and physical wellbeing.


How is the Breathwork done?

Laying down comfortably on a mat

with a pillow, blanket and optional eye mask. The actual technique is done breathing in and out through the mouth. There is loud music playing through the session to help with the process. I also incorporate sound bowls, drums and chimes.


How long long does a class or workshop go for?

The workshop runs for a little over 2hours and classes go for 1hr and 30mins more or less.


When and where do you have classes/workshops? 

I host 3-4 workshops and classes monthly; small or large groups and private sessions. Follow me on Instagram for updates on events @miamibreathwork! 

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