Posted on November 25, 2018

Is Miami Becoming the Next New York City?

Words / Dana B.

Tuck Room

Miami is becoming the next New York. Especially food-wise.

Every restaurant in Miami has its own good vibe to it and there are many places to choose from! One place that really caught my attention is the Tuck Room in North Miami Beach

Tuck Room

It is located inside the iPic Theater and it feels as if you are in a lounge and fancy restaurant. First off, the décor is great. The walls are decorated with an artistic mural made of books! It is designed by the genius Mike Stilkey and he was able to give the place a magical atmosphere. If you get close to them, there are hidden messages that he tries to portray…I loved the mystery of the place!I haven’t even gotten to the food yet. It was out of this world. Made my award-winning chefs, you will be surprised by what they offer! Even the simplest plate (truffle fries) was finger licking!