Conscious Parenting Meets Miami

Interview /  Crystal Tejera with Dr. Shefali   |  transform & manifest   |   Posted on March 20, 2018  

Dr. Shefali

Dr. Shefali’s books will revolutionize the way you parent. Her work points you back towards your own inner transformation while empowering you to cultivate a mindful relationship with your child. She is an acclaimed author, wisdom teacher, clinical psychologist, and international speaker.  Her first book, THE CONSCIOUS PARENT, has been endorsed by Oprah as one of the most profound books on parenting she has ever read. Dr. Shefali joined us for a two hour lecture at Beth David Congregation. She invited us to take a deeper look into the latest trends and struggles in parenting. Some questions she invited parents to look at included: What energy am I bringing to this moment? How am I co-creating this reality? What does disrespect mean?

Dr. Shefali lectured on the diet of institutionalization that we were raised in through the lens of education, religion, and our own parents. Her work points towards a reconditioning of the way we perceive parenting and the expectations we project onto our children. In her latest book, The Awakened Family, she explains how the culture sets up parents to fail. She states that “our children need us to embolden them to captain their own ship in an age appropriate manner.” 

She encouraged the audience to eradicate the word “good and bad” from the mindset in which we view our children. While her approach may be out of the box to some, she offers hands on tools and real life examples that everyone can relate to. Her visit to Miami can be attributed to Faiza Libon, creator of Global Minded Parents and Susie Katz, Motivational Speaker, DBT specialist, and Mindfulness Educator with a focus in Conscious Parenting. Faiza was born in Kenya and raised Muslim. She immigrated to England where she was exposed to many different cultures. She began meditation 20 years ago and married a Jewish man. Her children have been raised with people from all over the world. She created Global Minded Parents to build community and support women in being the moms they feel most inspired to be. She welcomes both stay at home and career driven moms.  

Faiza believes we are all one human race. She credits Dr. Shefali’s online course, Year of the Awakened Heart as the tool that woke her up to the mask of the happy face she was hiding behind. These tools have enabled her to be a more present and authentic parent. She met Dr. Shefali at the Evolve Conference and felt inspired to bring her to Miami. Miami Vibes extends a heartfelt thank you to both Faiza and Susie for being the leaders of conscious dialogue on the parenting scene.

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