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June 1, 2021

Foodie Guide 101: A complete foodie guide to Miami For You

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

restaurants in Miami

The effect of the novel coronavirus pandemic on Miami's restaurant scene has been drastic in recent months but the Magic City's resilience and culinary scene have continued to shine.


We like to try new things in Miami. Condos that are brand new. Automobiles that are brand new. And, of course, our never-ending chain of new restaurants, which has helped us become one of the world's best food cities. But if you have lived here long enough, you'll notice that the eating experiences that give the city its soul are the ones that last. 


These are the foods and restaurants that distinguish Miami from other cities. And you have to try them all before you can really claim you've eaten your way through the city.

Pura Vida.jpg


Breakfast in Miami is about more than just the food; they're also about the ambience, the entertainment, and, most importantly, the business. There will undoubtedly be a fantastic breakfast spot nearby, if you're staying in an Airbnb in Miami Beach, Wynwood, or South Miami. Lots o' Lox is a popular local Jewish diner for a reason: they consistently offer some of the best breakfast in Miami, and they do so quickly. You'll never have to wait more than 30 minutes for a seat, and the service is fast, so you won't go hungry. The eggs are always fluffy, the bagels are always perfectly toasted, and the lox and nova options are always delicious. For a nutritious meal, Pura Vida is the way to go.

Locals who are health-conscious flock to this bright and airy place for smoothies and hearty breakfasts. 


Cuban Sandwich

It says a lot about Miami that people are debating where to get the best Cuban sandwich instead of voting in local elections. But, to be honest, there are plenty of great places to get the classic pork, ham, mustard, pickles, and swiss cheese sandwich. Enriqueta's is often recommended for a Cubano, although a sizable contingent would argue that Sarussi is superior. Sanguich does it exceptionally well too. This year, even Pollo Tropical joined in the fun with a full menu of Cuban sandwiches.

Eating House.jpg


Brunch is a way of life in Miami. Eating House's weekend brunch, which features Cap'n Crunch pancakes and Tang mimosas, is a nice twist on the meal. Looking for something a little more opulent? Hutong Miami, a chic Chinese import in Brickell, serves a high-end dim sum brunch with free-flowing cocktails.

La Mar.webp

Exclusive Meals

There are still plenty of exclusive meals to be had in the land of banks and steakhouses. Zuma, Peruvian mecca La Mar, and modern-day steakhouse Edge Steak & Bar will please the bosses for an expense account dinner, while LPM, with its chic Mediterranean flair, is ideal for date night. Get a well-made espresso drink at All Day, tacos at Taqueria Hoja, or gazpacho at modern Spanish eatery NIU for a more low-key alternative. Finish the day with a drink at Sugar, a legendary rooftop hangout, or one of the area's drinking den, such as Lost Boy or Mama Tried.

Mister O1.webp


Mister O1 and Lucali are the pizza standouts on the diagram. Casola's, Frankie's, and Steve's Pizza all deliver delicious, classic pies that will satisfy any pizza craving.

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