The Truth About Clutter

 words / Paty Mariposa  |   Posted on February 20, 2019  |     |    health & fitness

When I travel, I'm a minimalist yet at home I have lots of stuff and it can be overwhelming. I focus on carrying only 1 small bag of stuff because when I do travel, I explode my stuff everywhere.


The same applies at home and in my office. I’m constantly cleaning up an area and then messing it up again. It’s like making my bed everyday before I leave home and then messing it up whenever it’s time to get cozy. Yet, it’s exhausting sometimes looking at my mess and living in  it. It overwhelms me.


Pop quiz!

Take a moment and look around you right now. Can you find one area that’s cluttered with books, papers, containers, etc? If yes, then this article is for you. If not, then you have the option of skipping over this article

and reading about fashion or a new restaurant in Miami.


Clutter causes stress and my purpose in life is to teach you  ways to release stress. I believe clutter happens when we  have too much stuff and we don’t find time to clear it away. Having stuff accumulated in your home or office can really affect your state of mind and cause negative mental health  symptoms like anxiety and depression. Reason is that when your brain sees lots of stuff on top of  each other, it causes a stress reaction, otherwise known as fight or flight; our panic system.


Fact, chronic stress comes from your body reacting in crisis  mode on a consistent basis. If this is an everyday situation then your body can experience chronic symptoms physical and emotional. For example, imagine for a moment you’re inside a small room  with lots of papers, books, furniture, clothing, pictures, etc. scattered everywhere. Your mind races towards many ideas of what you can do next to clean up the mess or move around it to something else.


Perhaps a moment of creativity enters your mind and so  you focus on finding what you need to act on it. Yet, you  can’t find what you need and begin to go into a panic. How are you feeling right now? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Is your heart beating rapidly? Yet, you’re not even in the actual room, it’s all in your head yet it almost feels as though you’re there.


Another example, you’re outside in a park. There’s ample grass and large trees throughout the park. The sky is light blue  with just a few small clouds scattered around. You close your eyes and feel the sun shine on you. Your mind is as calm as the sky above. Thoughts flow through your mind without stopping for attention.


How are you feeling right now? Relaxed? Calm? Happy?


The first example, shows how living or working with clutter can impact in a moment; imagine if you’re living like this. It’s not just about you. It also affects every aspect of you.


If you’re living with someone, a messy home or parts of it can become dangerous if laying around or annoying if it’s hard to find items. This may also increase disagreements.


Also, clutter means you’re spending money on items you’re most likely not using.  I say this from experience. I admit I have a clutter problem.  It’s a constant work in progress. Good thing is I’m aware of it and taking responsibility by scheduling time to clean it.


Are you ready to admit it’s a problem and do something about it? If so, I’ll share with you my 5 favorite ways to reduce clutter, at leas visibly.


(let’s start with baby steps)


1. Place items in drawers or hang them up. Out of sight,  out of mind!

2. When shopping, ask yourself how often will you use it.

 3. Clean up 1 area once a week. Set a timer and schedule  it for 15 minutes. Play some fun tunes to inspire you. through dance.


4. Unpack bags within 1 day of returning from a trip


5. Always maintain a clear walking space in your home.

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