Posted on August 22, 2018


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Healthy eating

Counting calories doesn't cut it anymore!

Let’s be real for a second. Does it really surprise you when you see people struggling with those “famous” diets that trick you into thinking you are doing something, but all you are  actually doing is starving yourself? Well, if it does it shouldn't.

When it comes down to it, nutrition isn’t math; it’s science and it is completely pointless to count calories if you do not understand the concept behind the meaning of an EMPTY calorie. Think of all those times when you went through a bag of store-bought cookies or engulfed some mouth watering pastelitos and immediately thought you had to skip dinner. It’s because you are stuck on counting calories and not comprehending the concept of the empty calorie.


What you need to be counting on are all the benefits that come with having a team of chefs and nutritionists by your side to help you understand this theory. So, now that we are over counting calories, let’s proceed to enjoying REAL nutrition.

Eating healthy: Back to basics

Since there are numerous ways of eating healthy, proper nutrition happens to be one of those controversial topics. Throughout the years, I have heard tons of silly ideas and beliefs (even from self-proclaimed “health gurus” with thousands of followers) that were later proven to be far from true and nothing but fad diets. So how exactly are you supposed to distinguish a fad diet from a healthy eating regimen? Easy! Heavy marketing and media/internet bias can easily misguide us when looking to eat healthier, so this is my advice

Go back to basics!

if you want to better your lifestyle and improve your energy levels: If there is anything most people and nutritionists agree on, is that there are  3 simple key steps to follow 

  •  Minimize your sugar intake

  • Avoid artificial trans fats

  • Eat your veggies 

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