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March 1, 2020 The Creative Corner

Savannah Smith is a hospitality entrepreneur and former party planning maven in New York’s underground dining scene. Before coming to Miami, Savannah threw some of the most exclusive underground events at NYC hotspots including ACME and Tijuana Picnic. Inspired by several of New York's chicest discotheques, i.e. the Loft, the Gallery and Studio 54, Savannah envisioned her very own 21st-century concept she coined: Peach Room. Peach Room is a roaming pop-up disco that transforms different venues into a disco for the night. Paying homage to the discos of the early 70’s, the unique concept blends uninhibited dancing, flowing conversation and unexpected twists with Miami’s undeniable energy. It is not a club, nor a bar, rather a playground for those who like to dance and let loose to great music without the pretentious fuss of sanctioned off velvet ropes and mega-clubs.

1) Was it a smooth transition from New York to Miami?
I'm from San Diego originally, so Miami is the perfect blend of beach and city living for me. I still miss my friends in New York, but it's an easy sell to get them to come visit me. As soon as I moved here, I knew I had found my city. There's only so many cities where you can boat in the morning, see world-class art in the afternoon, and dance your ass off at night. When I see older couples holding hands as they walk through Art Basel, that's who I want to be when I grow up! I see myself in Miami for the long haul, but New York will always be a favorite place to visit.
2) I see that you were inspired by several of New York's discotheques. What sets "Peach Room" apart from places like the Loft, the Gallery and Studio 54?
I think the roaming nature of Peach Room allows it to take on different identities and adapt to fit different venues. It's fun that I can combine the intimacy of The Gallery with the theatrics of Studio 54, albeit on a smaller scale. The general spirit will always be the same, but it's fun to try on different themes. And I may be biased, but I think it's fun to see a nightlight experience with a female slant. I mean, there's almost nothing more feminine than a peach room! Just ask Diane Von Furstenburg.
3) Any projects in the works you would like to share with us?
I'm really excited to take Peach Room to the next level with bigger themes, bigger venues, and more performers. We're working on going from takeovers to full-blown Peach Room experiences, where we've had a hand in designing the sets, costumes, and ambience of the entire venue. Stay tuned- it's going to get theatrical!
4) What quote do you live by?
"Vision without execution is delusion" - Thomas Edison
I'm one of those people who has always had a very active imagination and been full of ideas. But the truth is, I would let the ideas excite me and subconsciously decide that the real thing could never be as good as my daydreams. I envisioned Peach Room for a long time and was finally like, "ok, are you doing this or what??". Once I actually took action on the idea, I was so surprised by how reality exceeded my expectations, and I've met so many amazing people who contributed beyond what I could imagine. Sure, some things will go wrong, but seeing your vision in the real world and how people respond to it is way better than holding onto a hypothetical vision. So, don't wait for everything to be perfect, do the thing!!


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