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August 31, 2020

Brow, Lash, Lip Theory

Words / Ianna Walker | IG: @beauty.nigist

Makeup can sometimes come off a little intimidating. With all the contouring, cut creases, and baking makeup can be quite hard to follow. Now what if I told you that there is a 10 minute hack that can help you achieve the “I woke up like this” fresh face that most of us crave? I call it my brow, lash, lip theory. The basis of the theory is that the brows, lashes, and lips are the focal points of the face. These focal points paired with a foundation or tinted moisturizer will help you create a more polished and put together look.

Try it out!


Balance your brow shape by using a colored brow gel to quickly define the brows

Pro Tip: Use a flesh tone concealer and brush to shape brows for an even cleaner look.

Recommendation: M.A.C. Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel $23



Get big voluminous lashes by applying 1-2 layers of lash primer before your mascara

Pro Tip: For a lash curl boost add a layer of lash primer and mascara to the back of your lashes.

Recommendation: M.A.C. Lash Primer iL Makiage Icon Mascara



The quickest and easiest lip option is always going to be a nude lip and gloss. This super low maintenance but impactful duo can be applied in a breeze on your way out the door.

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