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October 01, 2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
in Miami

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Miami

Breast cancer remains a global health dilemma accounting for 23 percent of all cancer deaths. The disease that is attributing to the death in post menopausal women is a global issue now more so than ever. The mind-boggling mortality rates of this malignant disease are invoking public attentiveness and advancement in breast imaging. Such awareness is having a positive impact on recognition and screening of breast cancer. And with. The advancement in technology comes an astonishing progress in understanding of the breast cancer, resulting in further proficient treatments.


As important as treatments are, they’ll be futile without an early detection as that is when it is most treatable. For their own sake, every woman should know how their breast normally look and feel.  ‘while knowing what to look for is important, a woman should still get her regular mammograms, and clinical breast exams. As these tests can help detect breast cancer before she even has symptoms,’ said Tuite.


Every year 1,906 out of every 100,000 females are subjected to this disease in Miami. To educate its public , Miami beach doused with pink drinks and desserts with a side of events to raise awareness an funds breast cancer research. Elites are gathering at events such as ‘the Living Room’, ‘Annual Yoga in the Park’, ‘Pinktober’s Pink Pooch Sunday’, and ‘Pink Angels' Memorial Foundation’ to attend informative and interactive panel on the latest technology for early detection of the disease. These events present a testimony of the survivors and plastic surgeon that perform reconstructions.


Culinary operations at each one of Miami restaurants are behind the success of these events are of view that ‘It’s important for us to involve all our signature restaurant in our efforts to raise fund for this important cause.’  Apart from this, Miami Heat has teamed up with Baptist Health Breast Cancer to dedicate the opening scrimmage game to honour local survivors of breast cancers.


With all task forces working together, Miami is lacing up their walking and running shoes to support  ‘Red, White, and Pink’ in the upcoming 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Pink South Florida is putting all its resources to instigate awareness among the public with style hoping to see positive result in the future to come.

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