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October 1, 2021

Boss Dudes in Miami

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

Image by Hunters Race

Miami is one of the best scenes for entertainment; however, it is becoming a reputable hub for business giants. Over the years, there have been different startup's current gaining grounds. These business giants involve a mix of innovative males and females who are owners and CEOs in different sectors. Below are some men leading businesses in Miami.

Brian Brackeen

Brian Brackeen is a 38-year-old high-tech African American entrepreneur who sells facial recognition and character analysis software, to businesses like hospitals, cruise lines and even Hollywood. He deliberately left Silicon Valley, worked at Apple and moved to Miami.


He is the brain behind Kairos, a leading AI facial recognition company that uses ethical recognition methods that reflect the diversity of our global community. Through computer vision and deep learning, they can identify faces in videos, photos and the real world - their innovative API platform is the way developers and companies integrate human identities into their software. Kairos was founded in 2012 and has an Headquarter in Miami with offices in Singapore. 

Instagram handle: @BrianBrackeen

Brian Brackeen.jpg

Chris Paciello

Chris Paciello is the founder of Anatomy and has extensive experience in nightlife and hospitality. Established in 2014, Anatomy is a partnership between health, sports science, and hospitality to offer members and local visitors a better community where they can sweat, heal, and enhance together. Part of the things that influenced them was sports performance and strength conditioning science; this concept is not limited to ‘gym as it is meant, but more as a holistic wellness experience, in relation to society and culture.


Anatomy is a health and wellness establishment and has different locations in places such as Miami Beach, Midtown Miami, Hotel South Beach, and Coconut Grove.

Instagram handle: @chrispaciello

Chris Paciello.jpg

Ethan Williams

Ethan is the Chief Executive officer and a co-owner of Discount Health Foods. He is experienced in English and grant writing; however, he has always had a deep passion for Kung Fu. He has been practicing and teaching Kung Fu for 23 years. In the process of learning traditional Chinese medicine, he took his knowledge of the relationship between mind, body, and spirit as an aspect of his practice and extended this knowledge to the people he supports while trying to achieve health wellness.


Alongside Ethan is Myriame Williams, who is also a co-owner. Myriame is the local nutrition and wellness consultant. In the past, she had different health issues, and her fear is getting stuck using various pharmaceutical medicine. This explains why she had to opt for alternative medications from an early age.


Discount Health Foods has become an integral part of the South Florida community as it has been in business for 29 years. Since then, it has developed into a community health store that sells more than just vitamins, nuts, and herbs. Her team consists of a family with long years of experience in nutrition, mental health, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese health practices. Discount Health Foods is a company, but its mission is not just to sell different products. They also guide their clients to live healthy and balanced life.

Instagram handle: @sifu.ethan

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