Posted on December 29, 2018

Bodhi Miami

Zen Vibes with Patty


Patty has a passion for creating community and empowerment via enlightened businesses. Patty is the owner and founder of Coral Gables Hypnosis and Bodhi Wellness. Both businesses are located in Miami and are focused on empowering
men, women and children to live their best lives.


A natural leader who’s compassionate drive to guide others lead her from a highly successful sales career to becoming not only a master neurolinguistic programming practitioner and hypnotherapist, but also a certified Reiki practitioner and Mindset coach. Devoted to freeing her clients of the barriers to leading fulfilling lives, Patty is able to pull from her experience as a coach and from her 20 year sales industry background to coach executive clients on overcoming career and financial mindset obstacles as well as aspiring entrepreneurs ready to launch their dream businesses.

In her role as a hypnotist and coach, Patty specializes in helping women overcome challenges ranging from anxiety, sexual trauma and abuse to sales success and effective public speaking. In her years of practice, she has found a consistent link between how her clients view themselves and the results they manifest in their lives and relationships. A great deal of her work has thus been geared towards inspiring women to see their worth and claim their best life.

Beyond her Coral Gables office, Patty is an avid outdoors woman, taking advantage of any opportunity to take off into nature and recharge. Always striving to improve her inner conversation, Patty practices meditation, reiki, and hikes
and paddle boards as often as possible. She lives in the peace of Redland, Florida with her beautiful family that includes
her husband, Mike, her four children, and Spirit, the German Sheppard.


To book Patty for speaking engagements or to schedule a coaching consultation email


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Events for January in Bodhi Miami

Jan 7, 14, 21, 28                    Nourishing Yoga

Jan 8th                                   Breathwork Meditation

Jan 9, 23                                Self Love thought the art of Bellydance

Jan 10                                    Rewrite your destiny 

Jan 11-13                               Basic Theta Healing certification 

Jan 15                                    Soundbowl Healing Meditation

Jan 17                                    Journey into Past lives

Jan 19                                   MoneyFesting: Money Mindset for a Prosperous 2019

Jan 22                                   Quantum DNA Activation

Jan 24                                   Shift your Mindset ad regain Focus

Jan 25                                   Flow to Lead in 2019

Jan 31                                   Renew and Revitalize you

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