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November 1, 2020

BMW'S flying suit is all set to be released in Miami

BMW has invented the first electric drive system for the wingsuit, which makes flying a possibility. This wingsuit was developed by BMW i, professional Austrian wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann and designworks. After completion, the drive module recently completed its first maiden flight, and it would be released for the first time at the #NEXTGen 2020 in Miami.

The #NEXTGen 2020 in Miami will be hosted by BMW on November 10, 2020, where the flying suit is going to be premiered alongside other new additions in the BMW portfolio, which are not just cars but many of the future techs; they have cooking.

This event's main focus is to showcase many of the inventions in the technological field, where BMW is the leading supplier. One of the major highlights would be the compact and powerful energy storage pack used in the electrified wingsuit by BMW i.

This wingsuit has two carbon propellers, and impellers all delivering a 7.5kW power output available for about five minutes. The electric drive helps increase the wingsuit's performance for better flight, allowing the user to cover more distance.

According to Austrian pilot Salzmann, this suit allows the pilots to achieve immediate acceleration and a speed of about 300km/h. The maiden run covered Salzmann and two other wingsuit pilots jumping from an altitude of 3,000 meters from a helicopter flying across mountains and reaching the agreed destination before opening their parachutes.

The release of these flying suits from BMW in Miami is going to be a wonder not just to them at the event but to the world when it is made available to the world, making the dream of flying a possibility for all to behold, and we hope for many more of such innovations from the BMW team.

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