June 15, 2021

Best places to watch the sunset in Miami

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

It's no surprise that in a warm and wonderful city like Miami, tourists and locals alike go wild for a signature sunset. The sky will turn bright pink or orange depending on the season and time of year. It may also take the form of a soothing blend of lilac and blues. One thing is certain: sunsets in the Magic City are always stunning, and there is always a crowd waiting for a view. If you want to watch the sunset with ambience, a place to relax, and possibly some great food and drinks, we've put together a list for you. Take a look at our

top picks and don't forget to take a photo!

Sunset Harbour.png

Sunset Harbor

I mean, the name kind of hinted at it. A breathtaking sunset with a few palm trees, yachts, and a glimpse of the downtown Miami skyline can be seen from here. The sunset paints the sky brilliant colours and reflects off the bay from the northwestern edge of South Beach, overlooking Biscayne Bay with sailboats moored offshore and the Venetian Causeway framing the scene. If you're sitting on a bench at Maurice Gibb Memorial Park or enjoying dinner on the patio at Stiltsville Fish Bar across the street, it's one of Miami's most tranquil sunset spots.

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Smith & Wollensky