August 30, 2020

Annie: The Fashion Poet

Annie Vazquez the body positive activist and women's lifestyle/wellness expert is known for her two popular and distinct blogs, The Fashion Poet @thefashionpoet and Annie the Alchemist @anniethealchemist. Her fashion blog sets her apart from other fashion bloggers as she utilizes her journalism background to showcase different areas of the city of Miami and infuses them with fashion. For about a year now, @thefashionpoet has not been geared towards fashion, but more on wellness and body positivity started focusing her efforts to empower others. This young entrepreneur was voted Miami’s Top Fashion Blog by The New Times and was awarded Best Fashion Content Creator Award at the Hispanicize x Telemundo Awards. She also graced the pages of Vogue for pioneering the

blogging style scene in Miami.


You are known for a couple of awesome Instagram handles. Let’s start with The Fashion Poet. How did you come up with the name? 

The name is a hybrid of two things I like. 


Was fashion something you had always been into? Anyone in particular you’ve admired who helped shape your vision of fashion?

I grew up around it because of my mom and it's a form of expression. But, these days I am more focused on things that matter. Fashion is fun, but wellness is more important, body positivity and reminding others to buy cruelty free.

What are some of your favorite go to fashion tips? 

I would say just wear whatever makes you feel good and happy. The key to confidence is all within. Clothes will never make you confident. It only amplifies your inner light.  


Why did you create the @annietehalchemist in 2017? 

I created it to help others recognize their inner power and realize their limitless potential to do anything they want. 


It’s ludicrous how it  seems like the most incredible things are created out of

dark times.   

Everything is created in the dark actually. The new moon is actually not visible. Seeds are planted in the dirt and blossom. Butterflies come through a transformation in a dark cocoon. 


What do you like most about Reiki? 

I like that we use our inner light to heal pain and blocks. 

Any memorable clients? 

I think what's been memorable is the reiki meditation group I've been spearheading for the last 6 months and seeing people from all over the world join every week. I am utterly inspired by them and their stories and their growth. We are all mirrors. 


Do you have any projects in the works you would like to share with us? 

Yes, there are always projects in the works, but I like to show and then tell.