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November  30, 2018

Urban Philanthropies Inc., is celebrating the renaissance of the historic Overtown community with the launch of The Urban community space. “Welcome to the Afrofuture” art activation will launch the celebration during Art Week Miami, slated to take place from December 6-9, 2018.

Imagine Miami as the last stop before your trip to Wakanda, you prepare by adorning your body, communing with tribe, listening to great music and drinking herbal elixirs and cocktails to prepare for your journey. You see images of the future….your future which is filled with possibility, creativity and freedom.   

Your senses are heightened, you share selfies with friends, you get caught up in what is to come…..WELCOME TO THE AFROFUTURE, a temporal experience of creativity, thought leadership and connection. The people, objects and libations will be placed together to create a metaphorical "black hole" or dark space for further contemplation by the audience and guests.  

Exposing the many ways that creatives of the diaspora are working through space and time to create the multiverse of possibility for the diaspora.  During the duration of the activations over 15 artists/creatives of the diaspora from the global south and its connecting points will be activated during Hamilton’s salon-based pairings.  

Check out some awesome AfroFuture vibes that will be taking place and amazing featured art during the first week of December.

To RSVP for the event Click Here!


King Britt, Vitus Shell, Rich Medina, Sultana Isham , Soraya Jean-Louis, Diana DiDi Contreras, Dyna Edyne, Tameka Norris, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Denisio Truitt, Felice Graham , Kristina Kay Robinson, Brandan bmike Odums, Jessica Strahan, Charm Taylor, Epaul Julien, Sokari Ekine, Ceaux, Nate Dee, Fùnké

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