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A Day in the Life of Veronica Sams

fashion , October 7, 2021

Miami Vibes Magazine

Hi guys! I’m Veronica Sams, 24 year old photographer to supermodel
Miranda Kerr and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Come follow

me for a day while I shoot!

7am: I start my day with a cup of tea, followed by meditation. Meditation helps bring peace to my morning and keeps me focused for my busy day ahead. 

7:30am: On shoot days I’m a sucker for sweatsuits, especially from Aviator Nation and AKIRE Sport. Flexibility and comfort are a priority to me when working 8-12 hour shoot days. 

7:45am: Work Prep: If my client did not rent gear, I’ll pack my in-home studio kit
the night before, and review my checklist the next morning: Cameras (Canon 5D Mark 4 and Canon R5), lenses, lights, strobes, V- flats,
apple boxes.

8:15am: Drive to set! If not in Malibu, it’s usually in the LA area. Many of my
cover shoots take place in homes in Beverly Hills or studios in downtown LA. 

During my ride I love listening to upbeat house music. This allows me to walk on
set with good energy! When the talent sees you have good energy, they usually
mirror it.

9:00am: Arrive at set. I’ll meet and greet my photography assistants and unload
all the gear.

9:15am: Set up shoot/build out studio
While the talent is in hair and makeup for about

Veronica Sams Dress Red Carpet.JPG

2 hours, we meet with them and their creative teams to go over the shoot’s MOOD BOARD which outlines oursuggested poses and action for the shoot.

Veronica Sams Print Photoshop.png

11:00am TIME TO SHOOT: depending on the number of looks chosen, the rest
of the shoot will be about 7-8 hours, with a lunch and dinner break in between.
For magazine shoots, I always try to aim for 6-8 outfit changes, with a minimum
of 2-3 glam changes.

When working with any talent, it should be top priority to make sure they are
always happy and comfortable with what they are doing. Everything they do- their
mood, pose, expression is reflected in the images. Words of affirmation, being
vocal with direction, upbeat music, and our moodboard can help make shooting easier. Modeling is never easy! Pro tip- Bring a blowdryer to infuse extra
movement. I’ve seen the talent “come alive” once wind is added!! (Cue Cindy
Crawford 90s super model moment!)

8-10pm: if we are running on time, we’ll usually wrap around this time frame. It’s
time to break down the set and drive back home to Malibu. At night or on free
days, I work on my own fashion designs. I have recently started transforming my
photographs into wearable fashion pieces. I proudly wore my first fashion
creation, a dress with various swimsuit images and covers I had shot, on the Red
Carpet at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Launch Party at the Hard Rock
this July.  It is important to me to keep pushing

my creative boundaries! 


11pm: More design research, decompress, meditate, & bedtime. Sweet Dreams!

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