A Balance Touch

March 1, 2020 The Creative Corner

Karin Moz is the owner of Oliver Brazilian Furniture, a leading custom furniture manufacturer founded in Brazil by her father. With over 25 years in the market, they are a leader in innovation, design, finishes, and technology. Karin decided to bring Oliver to the United States because she believed that the growing luxury lifestyle market in Miami was the right place to expand Oliver’s philosophy of living well.
While Karin is a successful entrepreneur, she is also able to balance her professional responsibilities alongside her devotion to her family and her passion for fitness.  Her greatest priority is her nine year old son and everyday she is involved in his education, his activities, and his well being.  In order to gain the energy she requires to keep up with her extensive schedule, she exercises regularly, enjoys running in particular, and maintains a healthy diet.
In her 38 years, Karin has come to recognize the importance of self care and enjoying life so she also loves to travel the world and experience the wonderful and diverse gastronomic scene Miami has to offer. Karin believes it is possible for women to be empowered to balance a personal and professional life, striving to be this kind of leading example in the 21st Century.


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