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48 Hours in Miami

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Are you in Miami for two days in July

Let’s lay out a plan that will have you exploring the best of Miami and making the most out of forty-eight hours.

For staying, choose The Goodtime Hotel

A new playground for hedonists and chilled folk alike has opened on Miami‘s infamous South Beach, The Goodtime Hotel. Commanding almost 100,000 square feet of public space; dominating a full square block on Washington Avenue and 6th Street. With 266 guest rooms designed for the tastes and desires of modern travelers, with custom bedding, bespoke drapes (including a blackout option), leopard-print benches, Ortigia bath amenities, and a signature pink rotary dial phone——as well as views of the famed Miami sunrises or sunsets (depending on whether you’re ocean facing or looking out over to Biscayne Bay)——this lifestyle hotel is an adrenaline-fueled, tropical oasis that is as cheery as its famous owner. The Goodtime Hotel also be home to vibrant F&B options including Grutman’s Strawberry Moon, a restaurant and 30,000 square foot pool club serving classic and casual Mediterranean fare and a full array of speciality cocktails for lunch and dinner.

For staying, choose The Goodtime Hotel

Alternative option: AirBnb

To get the most out of your trip to this colorful and diverse city, it’s wise to use Airbnb as it has an amazing range of accommodation options. No matter what you’re looking for, there are bound to be Miami Airbnbs that can help create whatever vacation you have in mind.

Here is a top-rated Airbnb in one of Miami’s most posh locations.

Alternative option on AirBnb


Our recommendations for the best places to dine in the city reflect the current situation, mixing significant inexpensive eats with some pricier spots worth your money, as well as waterfront eateries with amazing views and outside eating alternatives for those seeking some fresh air.

For Breakfast

Lots o’ Lox (South Miami)

This local Jewish diner is popular among the locals for a reason – Lots o’ Lox consistently delivers some of the best breakfast in Miami, and they do so fairly quickly. You’ll never wait more than 30 minutes for a table and the service is fast, so you won’t stay hungry for long.

An entire breakfast meal of eggs, a meat of your choice such as sausage or bacon, a bagel from their wide selection, as well as a side of fruit, oatmeal, and other options comes at a relatively low price and leaves you feeling satisfied. You’ll become a regular at this great breakfast spot in Miami before you know it.

Breakfast Lots o’ Lox in South Miami

For Lunch

Zitz Sum

Zitz Sum’s food will entice you to return, but the restaurant is also the ideal size for a date or catch-up supper with a companion who enjoys the tingling sensation of Sichuan heat. They also have a patio with pet-friendly outside seating and a modest menu of natural and biodynamic wine.


They have diversity in their menu, that’s for sure. Delicious Crudo with strawberries, charred cabbage with habanero butter, and fried rice with a creamy egg, snap pea bits, and crunchy chunks of crispy rice are a must-try.

for lunch zits sum

For Dinner

Cote Miami

Cote brings a new level of dining experience to Miami, one that’s upscale but approachable and with a high-end menu that’s still got plenty of heart. The tables are equipped with smokeless charcoal grills, where servers cook your dry-aged beef for you. Lest you forget the calibre of the restaurant, there’s no chance you’re going home smelling like you’ve been on the ‘cue yourself. (We can’t say the same about other Korean barbecue joints we’ve frequented.) First time? The Butcher’s Feast tasting experience is a great way to dip your way toe in the water and sample the restaurant’s heavy hitters for less than $60 a person.

Cote miami dinner in miami

For Dessert

MadLab Creamery

Edible gold sparkles, colorful cotton candy, and endless toppings! This ice cream shop in the Design District is as unique as its location, and it leaves no instagrammable stone unturned. MadLab first opened its doors a year ago and has been serving up Japanese Cheesecake, house-made chocolate bark, and the best soft serve on the block ever since. We challenge you to get just a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For dessert at madlab creamy shop
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