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December  28, 2020

13 Things Every Gamer Needs for the Perfect Setup

A gamer’s gaming experience can only be amplified if their setup is properly equipped. Below are 13 things that every gamer needs for the perfect setup.

1. Gaming Laptop or PC

If you are not going for a PC, then check out the best gaming laptops. Games are huge and you need to make sure your laptop can live up to it.

2. USB Desk Fan

A USB desk fan is a must-have for hot days.

3. Gaming Chair

Gaming takes time and you wouldn’t want your back ending up being sore while you're having fun. Here are a few gaming chairs you can pick from.

4. LED Lights

Your gaming room will be dark to avoid any reflections, but you can set up your gaming space with LED lights for ambiance, as well as for looking around a bit.

5. Keyboard/Controller
While a keyboard is necessary, a controller is more fun.

6. Ultrawide Monitor
If you have the budget to indulge in an immersive experience, then go for an ultrawide monitor rather than a regular one.

7. Gaming Desk
Your gaming desk should have large accommodation. Here are a few gaming desks that made it to the top in 2020.

8. Headset

If you like to keep your sounds private and up close, then a wireless headset is the ideal choice as compared to speakers.

9. Speakers

Best if you have a dedicated room for gaming and you're sure no trouble will be caused by your booming speakers.

10. Wire Organising Strips
For where you can’t go wireless, go organized. These are stick-on strips to be wrapped around your wires.

11. Mouse
Mice designed for gaming are often wireless and have a few buttons for better control at games.

12. Gaming Mouse Pad
Gaming mouse pads also come with light effects, synchronized with the game you’re playing.

13. External Storage
Most of the games are too huge, so external drives are necessary. They can also serve as backups.

Other than the above must-haves for a perfect setup, you can also add a couple of gaming accessories to further enrich your experience.

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